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In 1981 I graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. John C Sbicca's Personal Profile. Considering that I was raised in the shoe manufacturing business and all I understood was being self employed, (family business) I decided to work in the family shoe business. I had anticipated working in the shoe business for the rest of my life. My father was a master designer and marketer and considering how much I loved and respected my father, I aspired to be just like him and design and market women’s shoes. I was third generation in the family business and with great pride and excitement wanted to continue the tradition of the shoe business for my family for many generations to come.

Well that whole dream crumbled shortly after I graduated from college because the domestic shoe manufacturing business was, what was called, a sunset industry….soooo what the heck did that mean. I was a green pea just out of college and quite frankly did not know squat! Bottom line it meant that domestically we were not competitive and everyone in the industry was going overseas and becoming importers. The long and short of it was a financial tailspin for the family business and many millions were lost, while the transition to importing took place. After three years with my family business the long-term prospects changed dramatically and caused me to have great fear as to what my future holds. I was married with two children and the responsibilities were mounting. Consequently, I decided to leave my family business and go out on my own.

I have been self employed ever since and have made millions and lost millions. I have gone to every seminar and bought every business opportunity start up you can think of. I have looked into all areas of business that are out there. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years combing thru opportunity and or marketing techniques to improve whatever it was that I was doing at the time. I am still doing this today! Which is a major benefit to those of you that have sought this website out. The vast majority of my business activities over the last 20 years has been in some sector of the financial services arena and was constantly improving my bottom line by implementing elements of what I was learning. I have been lied to, stolen from, manipulated by every Tom, Dick and Harry that is on the prowl. I have worked out of my home and have developed organizations in an office environment.

I have always had an office in my home and all I ever wanted to do was start up a business that would make me all the money that I need to take care of my wife and four boys and provide a long-term solid income that I could live on and plan for my retirement, while staying home. Most of the information I paid dearly for turned out to be a total waste of time. It seemed after years of this I was completely clueless on how to find a business opportunity that would actually work for me for the long term.

I realized the problem with finding a good business opportunity was the fact that there were thousands of them (I mean look all around you…we are the major FREE ENTERPRISE country in the world) and each one claimed to make me a rich man by tomorrow. So I wondered how it was going to be possible for me to find the best business opportunity when thousands of them were all claiming to be the best.

So in 1998 after a major market Bull Run in the 90’s and the internet.com paper money growth, I made a ton of money, then in 1999-2000 BUST!!!! OUCH. I found myself starting all over again. What do I do now? How do I take care of my family?

By then the Internet and the high tech arena had always been of interest to me and so I started to look online for answers and develop various methods of marketing the services that I already knew…but that just was not good enough. I looked online for answers and information that would point me in the right direction to only continue to be taken advantage of by more charlatans.

Finally after all of my research on the Internet it dawned on me that there were very few places that you could find critiques on various Business Opportunities. You could get plenty of marketing exaggeration and lies that just induce you to let go of your hard earned money, but you could not find some straightforward honest critical opinions on the Internet from folks, just regular folks like you and me looking to make an honest buck.

Well, presto here it is! I knew now beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was going to do. I then realized the tremendous need for a service on the Internet that will test and critique Business Opportunities to save folks like you and me a lot of time and money.

I have put together the best Business Opportunity critique site on the Internet and I do not charge admission to get in. That's right, I knew the only way I was going to gain credibility and popularity was by offering the whole thing free of charge.

You have found one of the most valuable marketing tools you'll ever need and it's all right here in this website. You are about to find out where the money is hidden and where the money is not. You're about to find out which business opportunities actually delivered a serious income when we put them to the test. Don't put it off! Right now, this very second, do yourself a favor and take some time to read the critiques and find out for yourself which business opportunities are likely to pay off for you. While you're here, be sure to also read about the many marketing gurus that I have critiqued as well. Some of these guys can teach you how to get paid big and some are just out to get your money and run. You won't know until you read the critiques.


Disclaimer: These reviews are for educational purposes only. The reviews given here are personal opinions, and other people might have different views on the products reviewed on this website. You should make any buying decisions based on your own judgment. No guarantees of income potential are given or implied; such income potential is dependent on your own skills and resources. We may receive commission or revenue from any service or product that is purchased through this site.


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