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Business owners complain that managing their business from day-to-day often leads to their losing a vision of the larger picture. This leads to stress and frustration that can rub-off on the senior managers, trickle down to the lower levels and lead to general decline in performance. Business Coaching is a method to take a careful look at individual performance areas and ensure that they are equal to the over-all performance.

The task of a coach is to set goals for the team and ensure that all the members focus their faculties on achieving the same. A business coach corresponds to a sports coach - he has his own strategies and helps transform success-making formulas into habits. A business coach is usually an experienced person from within the industry but he seldom has the expertise in individual area concerning the client. His purpose is really to identify possible areas that have potential for improvement. However, the specific solutions have to come from the clients themselves. The coach will help in sharpening skills needed in the business with an objective assessment of the business development activities undertaken.

In the business world, the boss is rarely aware of his role as a coach or mentor. However, all their work ultimately boils down to enhancing the capabilities of their subordinates so they can be better than they are. Business coaching is generally learned on-the-job. Most executives can improve their skills as a coach dramatically with a little help from a professional. They also help themselves by first accepting their role as a coach.

There are different areas that need guidance such as coaching a team. It is a wrong concept that attending a workshop or two can make a manager a good mentor. While most organizations spend a lot on short-term goals, they miss longer plans.

Training a coach is a long-term process. It takes at least a couple of years to instill a coaching culture in an organization. It might need senior managers’ personal counseling for they are able to influence. Even their casual behavior can create an influence. Most managers are unaware of the extent to which subordinates emulate them. Very often interaction with the workers on the shop floor can reveal all you need to know about the CEO.

Moreover, while personal responsibility is important, it can hinder performance of a coach. So to become an effective coach one has to unlearn all that one learned as a performer. The coach has to exhort the individuals to keep aspiring for more and reward achievement. He has to organize regular training sessions, which should be in accordance to the job at hand. Mentoring performance can shift the focus away from job grade to the work itself.

In a team, each member has to work towards common goals. It goes against all the principles of work one may have acquired- the fact that our own ability is of supreme importance in ensuring promotions. However, working in a team, one has to subordinate personal achievement to that of the whole. The coach has to acknowledge the star of the team and commend lesser contributions. Praise in public and censure in private is a good policy.

Another area that a coach has to direct attention to is how to help an employee overcome his fear. Memory of past failures can restrain them from making efforts in future. The mentor exposes such prejudices that thwart performance by directing introspection in that area. Moreover, he also exhorts everyone to participate in the process of creating a vision and identifying goals. Once everyone is ensured of the incentives, the next step would be to structure a plan to innovate and brainstorm through the process of achieving targets.

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