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Business Opportunities - Val Smyth - Mentors In Motion

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Val Smyth is the main person behind the Mentors in Motion program. This program consists of mentoring teleconferences. Val advertises that his program can help you in marketing your business. Val operates through his affiliates. These affiliates have purchased Val’s programs and contact you through conference calls to advertise their products. This program teaches you different methods of achieving success in any business and earning good income from your business. Mentors in Motion help accelerate your sales and increase your income rapidly. 

Val Smyth was initially an excellent Internet marketer and did many workshops for different companies. In these workshops, he taught people ways and means of making money in their businesses. Slowly, these workshops gave birth to Mentors in Motion. He put his experience of Internet marketing into his creation-Mentors in Motion. Val teaches you proven methods and techniques of experienced Internet marketers. He enlightens you on ways of bringing in around twenty to thirty first-class distributors into your business every month. Besides, you also get a chance to increase profitability of their business. You learn these small but useful marketing tips and secrets of important and successful marketers through Val Smyth. 

Val Smyth holds seminars on such mentoring. You can attend these seminars thrice and can record it too. As it is not possible for you to grasp all the information at the seminar, you can listen and learn from it later through tapes of the seminar. Besides, you also get a chance to talk to Val Smyth personally and clarify all your doubts and queries. Mentors in Motion is a popular program because of its uniqueness in both teaching and payment methods. You see and realize Val’s creativity in such programs. He highlights the most intelligent way of making money by copying somebody else’s method of making money. 

However, Val’s Mentors in Motion is not without flaws. Mentoring is a very good concept and can yield good returns in business. However, the major flaw is that Val does not realize that one-to-one mentoring is the best method to succeed in any venture. A loud and noisy teleconference is very disturbing. All people seem to be asking questions and clearing doubts at the same time. This way no one learns anything from teleconferencing, seminars, or tapes. No doubt, you cannot find a single person who has been able to make money through such mentoring. 

Thus, Val’s program is not very successful. It is a system where you sell the chance for receiving mentoring from important Internet marketers through conference calls. Almost all people who have gone in for such conferencing have not been able to make any money from the program. Although you gain sufficient knowledge from Val’s programs and seminars, you are not able to translate your knowledge into money. Such knowledge is useless.

Customer Reviews for Val Smyth - Mentors In Motion:
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Mentors In Motion: Larry Dutton from Philadelphia, PA USA 1 Star. 31 of 41
Awsome!: Paul Dutton from New Jersey 5 Stars. 25 of 32
Mentors In Nothing: Steve from N.Y. 1 Star. 27 of 33

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