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Business Opportunities - Paid Surveys

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Paid surveys as the name suggests means that you have to answer questions given by the company and in return, you get some cash or gift. There are thousands of websites containing a list of companies, which take paid surveys. However, the reality is different and only few companies go for paid surveys and the figure is as small as 5%. Companies have many other effective ways of surveys than paying anybody for the opinion. Companies have also reservations against the paid survey because many people take it for earning living that hampers the credibility of survey.

Many courses are promoted on the subject and it is they who are making money than the people in business. These courses on the Internet tells buyers that company pays around $20 for the questions answered but this is not so as handful of companies are involved in it and the amount paid is low of around $5. It is not an easy way to make money but needs you to put in lots of efforts, first in the search of companies and then filling out the form. Many survey opportunities also promise you to return the money if initial investment made by you is not recovered but this is also said than done. The database provides you access to hundred of companies but only handful of companies will revert to your call and if you want to refund money to get back the investment your e-mail will be blocked.

Many people also suggest you to take it as a full-time job. It is again the plank of earning maximum from you without giving anything in return. The websites charge you around $50 for directory that has outdated phone numbers, e-mail addresses and network links. No after sales service is provided. Pages are not completed and are under construction. Information given is not enough and no provision for refund is given.

Therefore, paid survey is not the profitable business when there are other better ways to earn your living.

Customer Reviews for Paid Surveys:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Paid Survey's: Jennifer from Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1 Star. 181 of 275
I Agree With Jennifer: Neil from Manitoba, Canada 1 Star. 122 of 133
Survey-Platinum: Cleo Cat from South Arica 1 Star. 212 of 219
Survey Fantasy: T.Pary from Warren, MI USA 1 Star. 142 of 147
Surveys not worth the time to fill one out: Charles from Hagerstown, Md USA 1 Star. 139 of 153
No Way!: Ms Bowens from Springfield, MA 1 Star. 113 of 120
Paid Surveys Online: Carol from South Africa 1 Star. 113 of 121
Paid Surveys are a scam: K. Hollett from Toronto, ON, Canada 1 Star. 202 of 213
No money to be earned: jan from lacey, wa,usa 1 Star. 71 of 73
I paid $35.00 for top MONEY MAKING HONEST sites: Tiffany Scott from Georgia 1 Star. 113 of 119
Waste of time :(: Pam D. from Nashville,TN. 1 Star. 63 of 63
Paid Surveys: ARE A BIG RIP-OFF: M.D.O. from Louisville, Ky. 1 Star. 71 of 73
Paid Surveys Are a Waste of Time: Laura H. Toronto, from Toronto, ON. Canada 1 Star. 2 of 2

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