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Business Opportunities - Personal Development

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Personal Development essentially consists of a growth of the self. It goes much beyond schooling and conventional education. It encompasses the training one undergoes at a professional level, the new age movement to reawaken one’s spiritual self or personal counseling that a person undergoes. Everything we do stem from our beliefs.

These are acquired by what we may have experienced in the past while others are acquired through others in the process of socialization. Had Bill Gates paid heed to what others told him that he would never make a success he would not have been? He became a billionaire because he had a grasp on how his mind worked, set his goals, visualized and worked for them.

Another example would be our concept of freedom. Usually, it is very limited. We are only free when it comes to choose our workplace not when it comes to whether we want to work at all. We have to learn to think beyond accepted concepts to attain the satisfaction we seek.

A person acts differently in different situations-at home, in the workplace, with friends. A development of the self will mean a change for the better on all these fronts-a holistic growth. Steve Pavlina has listed a few areas that are conventionally considered in developing the self. Some of these include one’s profession, social circle (family, friends, social gatherings), and one’s contribution as a member of society, one’s physical health and intimate relationship.

Another area that personal development touches on is our fears. Fear is an apprehension for a future threat. It absorbs all our energy into preparation to combat the same. It does not let us be creative or positive. We live from one day to another on our fears. Moreover, an obsession with the fear can abet the situation we dread in occurring. It also deprives us of the present. However, a fuller understanding will make us realize that fear also thwarts. It keeps us from achieving our potential. Parents and institutions educate us on life by informing us of the terrible consequences that might befall us if we talk to strangers or do not eat vegetables. Instilling fear in a person has become an effective tool to exercise control on a person by an employer, institute or the government. All fears can be traced back to fear of survival or fear of emotional loss. Yoda of Star Wars summarizes the essence of fear as "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering." Facing the source of fear is important to overcome it to reach our full potential.

Personal Development helps us focus on these negative traits to live a fuller and more fulfilling life. It enhances the positive points while dismissing the negative obstructions. So think again before you respond with an “Oh Yeah!” to personal development in future.

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