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Business Opportunities - SMC

Number of Customer Reviews for SMC: 85
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

SMC refers to Specialty Merchandise Corporation. They run many info commercials and advertisements on television, newspapers, and business magazines. Their products include jewelry, Giftware, Giftware, and similar general merchandise. You can use these beautiful little things as decorative items for your house or gift them to your friends and relatives. Specialty Merchandise Corporation or SMC has been in this business for many years. You need to buy their goods at low prices and sell at higher prices, keeping profits for you. 

SMC operates by appointing several vendors across the country. You can also opt to manage your home business selling wares of SMC. Other similar companies are drop shipping same goods. In all, you face lot of competition selling these types of goods. Besides, such decorative and gift items have a low profit margin. Difference between sale price and mark up price is almost negligible. You can make substantial profits only if you sell huge stocks. No doubt, it is difficult to eke out a living with just sales of SMC. 

SMC salespersons offer you products for sale at good prices in markets. Unfortunately, SMC’s products do not sell at such high prices and you need to mark your prices even below wholesale prices. Most of their sales representatives are rude and force their goods on you. Some go to the extent of refusing to answer your queries until you purchase their membership kit immediately to enroll as one of their distributors. SMC products are not good enough for mail order information as their books do not contain much information or sustenance. You can add them to your line of products but cannot make a good living through sale of only SMC’s products.

Customer Reviews for SMC:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Unable to sell SMC products: Benbi Lassie from Lowell, MA USA 1 Star. 2137 of 2395
SMC - Pushy and Aggresive: Jennifer from Toronto, Canada 1 Star. 798 of 895
Pushy Telemarketing Call: Douglas from Tennessee 1 Star. 505 of 559
Cheap Merchandise: Bob from Pittsburgh PA 2 Stars. 810 of 889
Hard To Sell: Peter from BC, Canada 1 Star. 559 of 609
Too Hard To Sell: Deb from Nebraska 1 Star. 677 of 711
A company this pushy = no delivery: John Pearson from San Antonio, Texas USA 1 Star. 412 of 452
Unable to get merchandise: Lisa from Tennessee 1 Star. 499 of 537
They're only worth the white price: Pam from Florida 3 Stars. 482 of 530
SMC: Professional And easy to Sell: H&A Home & Garden from Conrad, MT 4 Stars. 704 of 887
SMC: I Received No Support: THE SUCKER from Greenville, South Carolina 1 Star. 468 of 507
SMC: Mailing Catalogs, A Losing Proposition!: Ripped Off But Wiser from Dayton, Ohio USA 1 Star. 543 of 591
Thanks to all the reviewers: John Smith from Omaha, NE USA 1 Star. 0 of 0
I Can't Sell a Polar Bear Ice with SMC: Phil from Southern California 2 Stars. 84 of 85
SMC Floods the Market With Poor Quality Merchandise: Daniel S. from Winston-Salem, NC 1 Star. 54 of 55
SMC Tricked Me: Brad M. from Coldwater, Michigan 1 Star. 150 of 152
Yet Another Unhappy SMC Customer: Kim from Horseheads, NY 1 Star. 88 of 89
SMC Hurts When You Don't Really Have Money To Begin With: Chris from MI, USA 1 Star. 109 of 113
SMC Does Not Like People to Cancel: Carole Robinson from Crestview, Florida 1 Star. 123 of 124
SMC Sales Scam Is A Waste of Time: Heather from Georgia 1 Star. 161 of 164
SMC Have No Phone Etiquette: June from Ontario, Canada 1 Star. 48 of 49
SMC Does Not Help Moms Stay Home: A Concened Mother from Georgia 1 Star. 99 of 103
So far so good with SMC...: T.F. from Iowa 3 Stars. 197 of 212
SMC Has Problems...and Then and Then...No More and Thens: Laura from Houston, TX USA 1 Star. 92 of 93
Sneaky SMC...Refunds Are Very Hard to Come By: Andrea Waters from Chesapeake,VA 1 Star. 72 of 75
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