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Business Opportunities - Zaken Corporation

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

The Zaken Corporation claims to be a nationally known and leading wholesaler/ liquidator of consumer products. They deal in purchasing surplus/closeout goods from across the country.

They induct “partners” to work with them i.e. they propose a business opportunity to work with them on trading in liquidation stock. This is how it works.

On paying a specified sum, the company will supply relevant information for you to research and understand the "Liquidation" business. They will also assist in fixing the liquidating pricing strategies. Your role is to identify and form contact with those organization that have surplus stock that they wish to liquidate.

The next step is to get samples of the specified item(s) and set an appropriate "pennies-on-the-dollar” price and sent them across to Zaken Corporation.

If they find the deal suitable, they will match a purchaser to your supplier. If this goes through, you get to keep the difference while Zaken keeps the remaining balance.

The business matrix sounds easy and effective. Alas, it has not resolved so easily for people. Complaints abound that the customer service and mentoring offered is for all practical purposes nonexistent and ineffective.

The company has promised in their welcome letters "to get used to making money fast and easy by following our step-by -step plan. We are here to help you”. People say this is a false promise and are dissatisfied with the firm.

Another manipulation is their "Lifetime Directory" which claims to provide confidential and exclusive access to leading consumer merchants. In reality all it contained were home based ventures and retail stores with almost all phone numbers wrong.

Their policy of refund within a week is simply not possible and they exploit this clause to retain the money sent by people interested in the opportunity. They charge $701 ($164 as associate fee, $29 for the home study course, and $498 for the lifetime directory).

Considering all the negative information and perception about this organization, business with them would be foolhardy.

Customer Reviews for Zaken Corporation:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Zaken is a SCAM!!!: Laurel Fiske from Spring Hill, Fl 1 Star. 0 of 0
Don't Approach the Zaken Corporation: Steve Young from Greenville, South Carolina 1 Star. 246 of 254
Zaken Corporation Is Brashly Refusing to Give Refunds: Marilyn S. from San Francisco 1 Star. 84 of 86
Zaken Corporation - Unconsciounable Business Practices: Rick S. from Taunton, Massachusetts, USA 1 Star. 144 of 147
Zaken Corporation-Unconscionable Scam Artists: Rick S. from Taunton, Massachusetts, USA 1 Star. 36 of 37
Zaken Corporation is a Bad At Home Business Opportunity: RD from Haysville, Ks 1 Star. 127 of 139
Third Party Phoning Company for Zaken Gives the Dirt: Anonymous from Canada 1 Star. 78 of 80
Learn From People Who Make Mistakes Going With Zaken: Magan from Michigan 1 Star. 69 of 70
Some Questions to Consider About Zaken: Dan Violin from Fresno, Ca 3 Stars. 57 of 66
Zaken Corporation Did Not Work For Me: Lisa from Oregon 1 Star. 8 of 8

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