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Franchises - Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

With a reputation of the second largest tax return preparer in the US, Jackson Hewitt has over 5,400 tax service offices spread throughout the country. He set up the business in 1982 and remained focused to franchising during all these years. The success of his franchisees' business lay in the training, developing, recruiting and supporting the franchisees of individuals. The electronic filing of returns received requisite permit in 1986 and then it became significant for a company to run franchisee operation. Franchisees were available at a lesser cost than going for own enterprises. In the applied tax system of it is helpful to become a franchisee rather than filing tax returns.

To own an enterprise requires high expenditure and greater competency level than taking a franchisee. Besides, having franchisee you gather experience, get marketing support and receive training as to how you can advertise a product or service that helps you in continuing the business successfully. With Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, you will enjoy the well-trodden path and it will help you in boosting your work. One of the shortcomings associated with franchisee is that you are restricted to follow only those policies that the franchiser approves of. 

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. has doubled the size of its organization in recent years. It has the honor of getting number position for the tenth consecutive year by Entrepreneur Magazine and this admiration comes for the service it imparts. The moment you become its franchisee it helps you in the form of various learning programs and training materials. With changing times the working mechanism of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service also, change to suit specific requirements. With the rising number of tax preparers and IRS permitting to have about 80% returns electronically filed, the prospects are brighter for the organization. With such growing opportunities and the promises of satisfactory services, you can easily depend on Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. and become its franchisee.

Customer Reviews for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service:
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Jackson Hewitt Will Screw Up Your Taxes Without Oversight: Victim of Jackson Hewitt from Midland TX USA 1 Star. 37 of 44
Jackson Hewitt Filed My Taxes Wrong: Upset Person from Missouri 1 Star. 6 of 7

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