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Franchises - Jani-King

Number of Customer Reviews for Jani-King: 36
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Established in the year 1969 and franchising since 1974 Jani-King’s hegemony as a commercial cleaning franchise company is undisputable. It boasts of more than 10,000 authorized Franchise owners over the world. The working mechanism is distributive and through its 100 regional offices, the company entertains contracts of commercial cleaning services while the Franchise Owners conduct the allotted work.  

The Jani-King franchisee serves a good business prospect if you are looking for the one. Its regional offices provide a new franchisee with initial customer base to offer services to Jani-King clients. This renders considerable support to newcomers so that they can start the business on a part-time or full-time basis. Along with it the company offers you worthwhile business strategies and reputed brand name that the customer pays heed to.

Jani-King simplifies the franchisee method for you. Unlike other franchise companies following the traditional mode having fixed franchise fees and overpriced start-up cost Jani-King provides a range of fees depending upon the establishment of the new business. The administrative support, business development technique and initial training rendered to the novices are unparalleled. 

The initial training is an abundant resource of the applied methods and techniques that the company uses in terms of rendering services and taking up management strategies, promotional techniques and sales operation. It varies from classroom lectures to demonstrations and practical hands-on training. The on-going support includes regular communication, monthly newsletters, periodic visits and annual meetings to keep in touch with the franchisees and renders them the help and advice when necessary.

Jani-King commercial cleaning franchise company took up to master franchises in 1981. It provides the master franchise investor a 20-year agreement enabling him to operate the company’s 33-year-old program in a specific territory. The master franchisee takes up the task of training new franchisee in that territory. Thus, the company provides lucrative business opportunity to newcomers and you can be its part as well.

Customer Reviews for Jani-King:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
More Trash Than Dough: Steve Monte from Houston, TX 2 Stars. 517 of 587
Jani-King Did Me Wrong: Casondra from Fremont, CA USA 1 Star. 461 of 510
Dont't Be a Victim of Jani-King: N.D. from Boise,ID 1 Star. 73 of 77
Employee of Jani-King is Unfairly Fired: Looking For A New Job from All Over, USA 1 Star. 27 of 32
Jani-King is Subcontracting for Minimum Wage: George Brite from Fort Worth, Texas 1 Star. 56 of 57
Ask JaniKing About Lawsuits: Kevin J. Pratt, Attorney from Atlanta Georgia 1 Star. 100 of 117
Jani-King is a Sketchy Enterprise: Mubera Duzel from Jacksonville, Florida 1 Star. 92 of 94
You Work for Jani-King, Not Yourself: Robert Bryant from Frederick County, MD 1 Star. 104 of 111
No Questions Were Answered By Jani-King: Blake Lake from Akron, OH 1 Star. 46 of 49
Jani-King Scam: Anonymous from Texas 1 Star. 71 of 75
Laundy List of Reasons Why Jani-King Is a Scam: Carlos from California 1 Star. 84 of 94
Don't Be a Slave to Jani-King Wages: Anonymous from Colorado 1 Star. 56 of 60
Jani-King Can Be Made to Work If You Work It Right: Thomas from Baton Rouge, LA 4 Stars. 161 of 192
Jani-King Underbids for Contracts, Then Pays Minimum Wage: Chuck from Houston, Texas 1 Star. 53 of 59
Jani-King Franchise Owner Gives Positive Review: Rodney Saunders from San Diego, California 5 Stars. 81 of 104
Class Action Lawsuit Against Jani-King: A & T Richardson from Columbus, OH 1 Star. 84 of 93
Jani-King Preys on Disadvantaged Communities: Chadd Clements from Addison, TX 1 Star. 31 of 40
Jani-King:New Age of Slavery?: Anonymous from USA 1 Star. 26 of 31
Prior Owner of Jani-King Gives Insider Knowledge: Fred Connolly from Charleston, South Carolina 2 Stars. 120 of 129
Changes Should Be Made To Ease The Failure Rate: Martin from St Louis, Mo 2 Stars. 35 of 38
Easier to Blame Jani-King Then Blame Yourself!: The Truth from Denver, CO 5 Stars. 75 of 119
Upset Ex Worker: D. Reynolds from Muskogee, Oklahoma 1 Star. 13 of 16
Jani-King From My Perspective: Vincent Vega from Boston, MA 4 Stars. 17 of 29
Jani King UK Is Not A Legitimate Business: Inderjit Kaur from UK 1 Star. 9 of 11
I Learned A Lesson The Hard Way Through Jani-King: Salma Khan from UK 1 Star. 11 of 13
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