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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - ACN Telecommunication

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

American Communications Network or ACN Telecommunications is a direct marketing organization that offers products like local calling service, long-distance calling, VoIP, Internet access, wireless services, electrical power, and natural gas. It is a large organization that records about half million dollars in sales every year. To put it in exact figures, ACN sells about $700 million worth of products and services every year.

Gregory Provenzano along with Robert Stevanovski, Anthony Cupisz and Michael Cupisz established ACN Telecommunications in 1993. It is still a privately held corporation based out of Troy, Michigan. The Canadian operations of the company are located in Mississauga, Ontario. The company today has a large customer and selling agent base located in six countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England.  

The remarkable thing about this company is that it uses a direct marketing strategy. This sets it apart from any other company in this field. The company follows a cooperative marketing model where they recruit direct selling agents through a website. The agents are assured a continuous income once they get a customer to purchase a product from them. For customers of ACN Telecommunications, they can buy a whole array of products in one package.

The business model functions like an affiliate marketing company and if you are interested in setting up a small business of your own, you can look at becoming an agent for ACN telecommunications, especially with their lucrative products and good company history. Another aspect of their selling model is that regularly conduct meetings all over the country to better inform and train their sales agents. These meetings also tell you about the business models and the income opportunity. The company has a 7 level Uni-level compensation plan. There are also some lucrative customer acquisition bonuses, which create a substantial long-term residual income.

The only visible disadvantage of becoming a selling agent for the company seems to be the requirement to pay a start-up fee of $499. This tends to be a dampener for many not so wealthy people. On the other hand, this fee also separates the genuine agents from the hoax ones since only genuine people would be willing to part with so much money.

Customer Reviews for ACN Telecommunication:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Service and Opportunity Abound With ACN Telecommunication: Darby and Kim from Oklahoma City, OK 4 Stars. 116 of 147
Conflicting Stories About ACN Service Raise Some Concern: Francois from Sherbrooke, QC 1 Star. 108 of 136
ACN Has Some Major Flaws...Big Companies Are Sweeping In: Dennis Leggett ACN Distibutor 40 year MLM veteran . from toronto Canada / Nerw Jersey USA 2 Stars. 194 of 218
ACN Is Some Hard Core Direct Selling: Kelly Nesbit from Salt Lake City, Utah 1 Star. 78 of 113
If You Question ACN You Will Be Silenced and Banished: Robert Ryan from Albany, NY USA 3 Stars. 119 of 156
ACN Provides an Opporunity to Be Your Own Boss: Ken from Honolulu, HI 4 Stars. 54 of 66
Las Vegas ACN Rep Scammed People Out $3000: John and Christina Q. from Las Vegas, NV. 1 Star. 85 of 123
ACN Representative Review: L Harris from Boise, Idaho 4 Stars. 104 of 112
ACN Simply Takes Hard Pavement Pounding: Ron Osinski from Buffalo NY 5 Stars. 74 of 84
Billed me 4 months after disconnect: L from Quebec, Canada 1 Star. 29 of 34
You Earn To The Level Of Your Efforts With ANC Telecommunication: Lynn B. Spence from Asia Pacific 5 Stars. 9 of 14
ACN Telecommunication Had Bad Customer Service: T Candia from San Jose, CA 1 Star. 19 of 24
The Real Deal: Tom M from Bellevue, WA USA 5 Stars. 2 of 3
ACN Is Solid: Mike from Meridian, ID USA 5 Stars. 4 of 4
An Answer To T Candia from San Jose, CA.: Another Mike from Meridian, ID USA 5 Stars. 3 of 4
Not Willing To Work With Customers: Padre from new Mexico 1 Star. 4 of 4
Aggressively Tried...But ACN Failed Me: Disappointed ONE from Seattle, WA USA 2 Stars. 1 of 4
Tired Of My Mother In Law And Her ACN Garbage: KWG from California 1 Star. 6 of 8
crappy service: Kavita from Canada 1 Star. 0 of 0

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