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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - Juice Plus+

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Juice Plus+ is one of the many vitamin and nutritional supplements available in the market today. The only difference with Juice Plus+ is that the manufacturers claim it to be the ideal replacement for our daily nutritional intake and the cheapest. The manufactures also claim that Juice Plus+ contains extracts from seventeen different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

It is said to help you increase your metabolic rate and give you more energy. Juice Plus+ is also said to make your muscles stronger and help you achieve better digestion. It also has added advantages of controlling blood pressure and cutting the risk of heart diseases significantly.

With so much on offer, Juice Plus+ seems an excellent dietary supplement. It sounds too good to be true. Scattered surveys have revealed that using Juice Plus+ has not done anything for most people. Moreover, the company’s own dietary comparisons and claims that support Juice Plus+ are  deceptive. They do not present accurate comparisons since they omit data from charts. No charts showed anything about the fiber content of Juice Plus+.

Nutritional specialists encourage us to eat a healthy portion of various dietary products. This is largely because your body needs ample fiber that these foods can provide. Juice Plus+ on the other hand represents this as a need to intake certain quantities of vitamins and minerals. Juice Plus+ apparently provides the daily does of vitamins and minerals but no fiber.

National Safety Association markets Juice Plus+. The product is the flagship brand of the company and records sales worth $6 million per month. With so much money at stake, you can imagine how well marketed the product would be. Unfortunately, good marketing is probably the only hallmark of the product. Just like thousands of other supplements sold through MLM, Juice Plus+ is hollow in substance. With little benefit, the product purely rides on great marketing, our desire for easy health, and many fake testimonials.

Customer Reviews for Juice Plus+:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Excellent And Highly Reasearched: Hayes from Houston Texas 5 Stars. 0 of 0
take a look at the reserch!: Doug Downs from Lander, Wy. USA 5 Stars. 325 of 527
Juice Plus review: erin from Madison, WI 5 Stars. 0 of 0
Juice Plus Helps Apparently Helps Autism: Lynn Pittman from Decatur, AL USA 4 Stars. 66 of 73
Is Juice Plus the Fountain of Youth?: Diane S. from Seattle, WA USA 4 Stars. 46 of 47
Six Weeks With Juice Plus - You Decide: R. Thompson from Atlanta, Georgia 3 Stars. 40 of 52
Juice Plus Is Best Used For Prevention: Patrick Faubion from Costa Mesa, CA 4 Stars. 28 of 33
Juice Plus: Correlation Does Not Equal Causality: MKH from Memphis, TN 3 Stars. 18 of 21
Juice Plus is NOT a Cure-All: Tas Mania from Bethesda, MD 1 Star. 18 of 60
Juice Plus Helps Out Your Biosan Count: DW from San Diego, CA 4 Stars. 12 of 16
Juice Plus Even Helps Asthma: L.Harris from Jacksonville Beach,FL USA 4 Stars. 19 of 19
Juice Plus Gummies Are Replacing Vegetables: Jodi Teta from Winston-Salem, NC 5 Stars. 5 of 7

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