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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - MLM Opportunities

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Multilevel marketing is the same as selling on a one to one basis by establishing direct people-to-people contact. Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Fuller Brush are among the companies that rely on a wide network of distributors to sell not just goods but also services.

Today it has recruited millions of Americans and it is worth billions of dollars. Its history could be traced back to the door-to-door salespersons selling encyclopedias. The person would act as a distributor for the company and buy goods from it to resell or would take a commission for the same. Today it has evolved into the network or the MLM Company.

One feature appended in the evolution process is that the distributor gains not only from the sales he makes but also from the recruitment he does. The sales of his recruits yield a bonus for him in turn. The market has expanded from being confined to cosmetics and nutritional products to include home and personal security products. In short, any consumer product or service is marketable good.

Network marketing is an unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs. The company gains because these marketers can demonstrate, explain and share their personal experience about the product with the potential consumer. Moreover, since sales are made to friends, family or colleagues the consumer is assured of credibility.

On the other hand, the distributors themselves find ease here for to start their own business they need a very small investment-in the range of $25 to $100. They can manage it on the side while holding a full-time job or have the option of earning from home.

It is seen as a simple way to increment ones income. Some facts speak volumes-traditional companies in this business are dominated by women (82% compared to only 18% men). Of course, newer companies have an equal sex ratio. 4.5% are senior citizens while a good 8% are physically challenged.

However, before entering the fray one has to be wary. It involves some labor and a risk to time and money. The risk stems from the fact that the low cost incurred while joining the game can bring out the base in scamsters. Using this as a lure, they may induce people to buy a huge stock and then pull a vanishing act. A distributor has to avoid claims that buying a lot now will definitely make a huge gain for them but only after a few weeks. He also has to see the danger signs when made to attend a meeting only to be dished out a business proposal and being urged to sign up.

A few things that an adventurer in network marketing has to keep in mind-an eye on the price of the product and a mental comparison with the quality of the good offered can speak for the credibility of the scheme. The merit of the product speaks for the company.

One should also avoid schemes that require an investment other than that of buying the stock. While there may be a minimum activity required to qualify to be a part of a company one should not sign a “minimum purchase requirement” under no circumstances. However attractive it may sound, companies that offer a commission for the mere act of recruiting others are best avoided. A check on whether the company would buy back unsold but salable products from the distributor who wishes to quit also helps.

The company’s own focus should be towards sales made to the end consumers rather than be deflected by sales to would be distributors. Moreover, one should check whether the company makes verifiable claims about the income potential.

Once these criteria have been scrutinized to satisfaction a potential distributor has to make sure whether he or she has it to make a success in this new venture. This kind of work involves meeting people, talking to them to convince them of the benefits accruing from using the product.

For this it is important that one is convinced of the benefits of the product oneself. It also entails immense patience and a positive frame of mind in the face of disappointments. A key to success would be to stick to one company rather than moving from one to the other. Jumping on every attractive deal is the best way to expend time and resources for no gain.

One has to be careful in selecting the right company instead of jumping into the stream on faith. The ideal company would be one that is well established and has been functioning for at least two years but has not yet ceased to be in its momentum stage.

Being organized is necessary in every job but has special relevance here   in tracking customers and recruits. Attending the workshops organized by the company and being in touch with one’s sponsor will help. One is only being perceptive in making a careful evaluation of the potential sponsor. However, at the same time, one has to be available to those whom one has recruited.

Most ventures in network marketing can earn dividends for one only after a period. So one has to be clear about why one wants to do this kind of work and how far this will go in honing one’s skills. One must also be realistic about the kind of pay one is seeking. Therefore, having a mentor becomes important. This person need not just be your sponsor. An independent consultant would charge a small fee for sound advice.

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