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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - Mannatech

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Mannatech Corporation is the leader in producing glyconutritionals with its dynamic carbohydrate technology. The company having its headquarter in Coppell, Texas is a publicly traded global wellness solutions organization. As a member of the Canadian and Direct Selling Associations, Mannatech follows the code standard and ensures that it does not make any false promises to the consumers.

The wellness revolution triggered as a response to myriad health problems has brought awareness among people. Now introduction of Mannatech has come as a timely boon that strives to ensure optimal health. The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 acknowledged significance of dietary supplements empowering consumers to choose supplements considering their scientific data. The act further strengthened the movement and Mannatech products were hailed in the market.

An assessment of the company’s progress can be had from the fact that its cumulative sales exceed $1.5 billion calculated from the time of its inception. Mannatech’s remarkable features such as advanced research, development work and patented technologies lend uniqueness to the company. It has over 350,000 active Associates operating all over the world. It has entered the market of Canada, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, Taiwan and S. Korea as well.

With numerous pharmaceutical drugs, thronging the market there is dearth of nutritional supplements. Now the emphasis is shifting from curing ailments to developing the natural ability of a body to ward off the onslaught of pathogens.  Mannatech has especially designed programs to aid medically weak children suffering from any particular nutritional deficiency. It works on the principle of strengthening the body’s internal mechanism by providing the key-nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, glyconutrients and phytohormones.

While many have found the products effective and helpful, yet there is some doubt about the establishment owing to the questionable past of two of its founders. When it comes to joining the company, you should keep in mind not only its working but the background of its founding members as well to abstain from any erroneous judgment.

Customer Reviews for Mannatech:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Mannatech, much too agressive!: J. Rensch from Canada 1 Star. 454 of 909
Mannatech hype: Keith Meyer from New Zealand 2 Stars. 368 of 497
Mannatech gave me a new life: Pam Murphy from Lake St Louis, Mo, USA 5 Stars. 815 of 883
This product is expensive!: Annie from Australia 1 Star. 139 of 510
Mannatechs producxts made me worse!: Me from Here, USA 1 Star. 260 of 530
Mannatech is a pseudo-scienticific/religious nonsense!: Annie Bolitho from Australia 1 Star. 266 of 625
Helped excema: Louise from B.C. Canada 2 Stars. 362 of 371
Too Expensive, Chiropractor out for money instead of helping: Connie from Gadsden AL 1 Star. 109 of 246
Gave me back my life.: Debi from Limon, CO 5 Stars. 240 of 260
It is 6 sugars: D Dashner from Grand Junction, CO 5 Stars. 327 of 377
Ignorance Abounds: Brady from Atlanta, ga 5 Stars. 496 of 539
Mannatech is Helping to Solve "Serious Problems": Tommy Zindell from Cairo, NY USA 4 Stars. 24 of 26
Mannatech Produces Amazing Results: Nanette Jesch from Hilo, Hawaii USA 5 Stars. 44 of 50
Mannatech Has Improved People's Health: Anonymous from Charlotte, NC USA 4 Stars. 31 of 33
Glyconutrients From Mannatech: A M Titleman from Australia 1 Star. 9 of 23
Mannatech Health Products Beat the System: Bernice J. Vogelaar from Michigan 5 Stars. 17 of 19
Mannatech Gives Healthy Hope: Richard Obers from New zealand 5 Stars. 8 of 8
Mannatech Products Improved My Health Greatly: Cathy Szymanski from Charlotte, NC 5 Stars. 2 of 2
A Bit Tongue Tied: David Maddern from Perth, Australia 5 Stars. 0 of 2

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