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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - Melaleuca

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

With an experience of well over 15 years Melaleuca is an established company marketing a wide range of products made from "tea tree" oil. Melaleuca Virticulata is a plant of Australian origin with numerous benefits that the company uses in manufacturing products ranging from soaps and lotions to household cleansers and shampoos. Melaleuca marketing technique dwells on the idea of convincing family and friends to switch over to its products rather than using any other brand. Its strategy is similar to Amway.

The company differs from Amway in the context that it tries persuading potential customers to become its members so that they use products of this company only. Things are not easy to apply as they sound because the competition is stifling. There are innumerable companies selling Melaleuca products and you have to build a distinctiveness to make your products sell. It would have offered a greater business opportunity ten years ago than it promises now.

Melaleuca, Inc on its own is a company with strong foundation and thriving business prospect. It has made its way for five consecutive years in the 500 list of America's fastest growing privately held companies. An excellent track record and diligent management team has helped the company in reaching the place where it is today.

Melaleuca, Inc offers good opportunity to novices with its perfect support and online training. It consists of online ordering, detailed product information and many other features. You can also have access to corporate training and terrific customer and distributor support. Extremely knowledgeable telephone representatives help you in this regard. Motivational support produces remarkable results and understanding its importance Melaleuca offers it at different levels in the form of awards and incentives. It backs 4.75 stars for training and support while in terms of product quality it claims 5 stars. Such a performance is a clear indication of the condition of the company and associating with it is likely to be a fruitful prospect.

Customer Reviews for Melaleuca:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Melaleuca Customer DIS-Service: Joanie from Texas 1 Star. 15 of 37
Melaleuca Can Earn You Money and Help the Environment: Cassandra from Eastern Washington 4 Stars. 18 of 19
Compensation Plans With Melaleuca Make This a Worthwhile Investment: Solomon from Hamden, CT 5 Stars. 16 of 16
Sugar Coated Money Makeing With Melaleuca: Amy from Atlanta, Ga 1 Star. 47 of 79
Melaleuca Needs to be Worked to Make Money: Angela B. from Vista, California 4 Stars. 28 of 29
Melaleuca - Not an MLM - I'm a Customer for Life: Teresa from Mid Michigan, USA 4 Stars. 26 of 29
Depending on the Dealer Melaleuca Can Sink or Swim: Jennifer Menard from MI 4 Stars. 24 of 27
Health Products From Melaleuca WIll Line Your Pockets: Crystal Dunn from Abilene TX 4 Stars. 13 of 14
Find Your Perfect Job With Melaleuca: Lisa Doloway from Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701 4 Stars. 9 of 10
Melaleuca is a Genuine Opportunity for Military Spouses: Melissa from Lawton, OK 5 Stars. 7 of 7
Melaleuca Does Not Have an MLM Mentality: Marta C. Frascarelli from Miami, Fl. 4 Stars. 4 of 4

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