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Not Recommended - Better Business Bureau

Number of Customer Reviews for Better Business Bureau: 15
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

We are not the BBB but if you want to review the BBB as to whether or not they are an organization that you like or dislike then please do a review. Do not call our office thinking that we are the BBB for we are not…
etter Business Bureau
system is a nonprofit organization tracking down unscrupulous traders and scammers since 1912. Better Business Bureau extends from coast-to-coast in and goes further to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico . Its main activities concentrate around solving of business disputes through amicable resolutions, providing Business Reliability Reports, educating consumers about different businesses, and truth about advertising. Different Better Business Bureaus across and form CBBB, which has a membership of over 275 national corporations. Unfortunately, all this only exists on paper. It is a different scenario in reality.

Better Business Bureau

The common perception amongst all businesses was that they could trust Better Business Bureau and their professionals. They could rather weed out the fake ones from business circuit and help honest and healthy ones to flourish. Actually, Better Business Bureau gathers excessive information from you, most of which is unnecessary. They do not work towards any beneficial activities and are only interested in your money. You need to send them $350 for their services. If you do so, they circulate good and favorable facts about your business concern. If you do not send requisite money, initially, you receive many reminders through e-mail, telephone calls through telemarketers. If you do not pay still, next you start receiving threatening calls and letters, which are nothing but civilized form of extorting money from you. If you refuse to pay, they spread wrong accusations about your business concerns and you lose your goodwill and customers. 

Better Business Bureau is not any form of governmental authority; rather it does not have any authority at all. Better Business Bureau however, projects itself as a nonprofit governmental organization. This is a false projection. Rather, it is a business concern out to make double profits by duping people. 

Hence, best recourse is to maintain personal and direct contact with your customers instead of depending on any organization to propagate your business. Always reply to your telephone calls and emails promptly and personally to develop and maintain perfect business relations.

The Better Business Bureau in our opinion is a company along with its loosely managed franchises is paramount to a criminal organization considering that they have largely inaccurate reports and slanderous comments and to get a higher grade you will need to become a member. That is extortion as far as we are concerned. In Canada slanderous comments is a criminal act. It used to be in the US....maybe it should again!

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Customer Reviews for Better Business Bureau:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
You couldn't have said it better!: JZ from Tacoma, WA 1 Star. 0 of 0
caveat emptor: Mr. Pipe from Kansas City, USA 1 Star. 1 of 1
Bah Humbug! BBB is No Help!: Roger Kelm from West Valley City, UT 1 Star. 329 of 371
Better Business Bureau: Pay To File Complaints? Why?: Suze from NS Canada 1 Star. 258 of 301
Better Business Bureau Are In Fact Liers Themselves: Mary from Seattle WA 1 Star. 2 of 2
Bad Experience with BBB in New York: Kahare from New York, N.Y. 1 Star. 1 of 1
BBB Did Not Help!: I'd rather not list my name from Houston, TX 1 Star. 0 of 0
BBB of NEW YORK CITY: Former Marketer from NYC BBB Marketing Office FL USA 1 Star. 1 of 1
I Got Ripped Off By The BBB-Jerks: Allen from San Diego CA 1 Star. 1 of 1
BBB Helps to Get Money Back: Kelly from Connecticut 4 Stars. 6 of 10
BBB-Bull-Consumer Beware!: Theresa from Chicago, IL 1 Star. 0 of 0
BBB Extorts Money From Small Businesses: Small Business Owner from Michigan 1 Star. 17 of 17
BBB is a FARCE: Tina N from Canada 1 Star. 1 of 1
The BBB was of Very Little Assistance: J Simpson from Alberta, Canaada 1 Star. 2 of 2
BBB is a Legitimate Arbiter: Amy from Grand Rapids, MI 4 Stars. 2 of 3

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