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Not Recommended - Cory Rudl

Number of Customer Reviews for Cory Rudl: 8
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

News Flash: 6/2/05 Internet marketing legend Cory Rudl was killed in a car crash that caught fire today while racing with long time friend Benjamin Miles Keaton at the California Seedway. ProgramCritique.com extends a heartfelt condolence and prayer to his wife, long standing customers and followers of Mr. Rudl and a thank you for  his enormous contribution to e-commerce and the success of many. May he rest in peace and have a joyous eternity. He will be missed by many. 

Cory Rudl is among the famous Internet marketers. He has been Internet marketing since 1994. He is into all facets of Internet marketing with automation and affiliate sales. He earns millions of dollars through his excellent products and advice on the Internet. He has come a long way from his modest beginnings. He started with his first online book Car Secrets Exposed. He has been since then dishing out newer options and ideas about Internet marketing. Cory’s main product is Internet Marketing Tips and Secrets training course.


Cory has also developed software for different marketing solutions. Auto responder software is one among them. He also offers affiliate marketing on his websites. Affiliates receive decent payments for selling his products. Many customers are thankful to him for helping them set up their own online businesses through his training course and techniques.


Cory Rudl and the Internet Marketing Center is a good guide to newcomers on Internet Marketing. This guide throws light on the basics of Internet marketing. However, it is not so useful for those familiar with the basics. There are many more products and services within The Internet Marketing Center, which Cory advises you to buy and use. However, most of the information does not satisfy needs of present-day Internet marketing. Many other Internet websites offer much more recent and updated information about marketing on the net.


Cory Rudl offers a product for $200, which is among the best in Internet marketing. It also includes half an hour mentoring session. This is quite suitable and affordable for most Internet-marketing aspirants. His software Mail Loop is a difficult one and does not have any phone support. Besides, it is also quite costly. It cannot score over the simpler and easier Post Master software of another Internet marketer.


Reselling Cory’s products and services is not a profitable option. You do not receive payment for entire traffic you send to his website. This sure does not gel well with most resellers. They find other websites more tempting and inviting. His software and reselling options are not a hit with those marketing on the net.


Of late Cory’s products and services are not up to their reputation. His mentoring is lacking, as you need to pay $1,500 for an hour. Besides, he teaches customers that they need certain products, which are only a further extension of his own. Irregular or nil payments further deter resellers from selling his products.


Customer Reviews for Cory Rudl:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Coaching / Mentoring: Kevin from Culver City, CA 4 Stars. 40 of 57
Mailloop Sucks!: Denis Backhouse from Queensland Australia 1 Star. 83 of 86
Corey Rudl Advanced Mentoring Program - Unmasked: Shamcatcher from Europe 1 Star. 65 of 72
The Insider Secrets to E-mail Marketing is for dults!: D. Culver from Portland, OR USA 2 Stars. 72 of 78
Over priced! Easily available for $20: Jay from Singapore 1 Star. 55 of 66
EVERYONE IS A STAR!: Hopeful from One step from heaven 5 Stars. 25 of 84
My Hats Off to Corey Rudl - Thanks: Kenny Z from Sun Valley, CA USA 4 Stars. 19 of 37
Cory Rudl Mentoring Program Wasn't Worth the Money: J. Clay from Florida 1 Star. 6 of 7

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