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Not Recommended - Don Lapre

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

On and off for many years while couch potatoing and channel flipping, I would come across Don Lapre and his eternal infomercials. I could only watch for several minutes, as I would become gaseous because at night I want to relax, which was difficult because he behaved like he just drank a six-pack of red bulls.

At that time he was the infomercial king and a top marketer. Obviously he was making money because of how long he had been on TV pushing products. He is an expert at getting you to pull your wallet out.

The following are comments of others in regards to Mr. Lapre:

1) If You've ever seen these infomercials of his, then you know how easy he makes everything sound and how motivating he is. He has incredible on-screen appearance and charm. He really knows how to put plenty of hype and sizzle into his offers and I'm sure he's made a fortune for himself.

But I also feel that even though he's good at promoting the name, Don Lapre, he's not so good at helping others make money like he says he is. I don't think he's ever going to tell you the truth about how he makes money. In my opinion, he doesn't want people like you and me to know his secrets.

The weird part is that in his infomercials he has tons of testimonials from supposedly satisfied customers. I just don't believe a word of those people. And of course, he says none of those people have been paid for their testimonials. But I just have a feeling that they are a lucky few people that got in on his stuff really early back when his stuff was new. And I think these people that claim to have made money by using his techniques probably had a natural gift at marketing already and maybe past marketing experience.

All of his students looked highly intelligent to me. They didn't look like just some average people off the streets. I bought his course because I wanted to make money but I felt like his course was just a long sales letter trying to get me to buy much more expensive products. I felt like I got ripped off because it seemed like what he sold me was an incredibly long sales letter.”

2) “I got his course several years ago when he was doing the reminder service and I was not to impressed with the results. The people doing the reminding needed reminders themselves it was not good. I was impressed though, with the persistence of his telemarketers. Before I even received the course, they were hammering me with phone calls to purchase his much more expensive tutoring sessions.

I have always been into nutrition and taking care of myself, so I was interested in “The Greatest Vitamin In The World", the WHOLE WORLD. Imagine that! And the testimonials he had on his commercial made me sure I was on my way to Financial Freedom.

But wouldn't you know it, before I ever got anything, I received a call from one of his telemarketers. If you notice on the bottom of the TV screen there is a disclaimer that says something like these students may have purchased more expensive training to reach their current status. This is what the telemarketers WILL call you about!

I did FINALLY receive the package and found that it was the same old stuff he used before. Go to your friends and family etc. NO Thanks!”

3) Please read this if you are thinking about buying anything from Don Lapre and his merry band of crooks. I would like to tell you a story about a person that didn't do his homework on infomercial gurus. It is I. I had been laid off my job on 9/6/00 and just happened to see Don Lapre on the TV one early morning and fell for his get rich talk.

I plunked down my $39 for his money making package with high hopes of being able to make some money while I looked for another job. I had not even received the package, when his telemarketers started calling with more pipe dreams to sell me. Well to make a long story short I fell for them hook line and sinker. Below is a letter that I wrote to Don’s gang with a copy going to the Attorney Generals office, trying to get some satisfaction, results, or get my money back.

Dear Don;

I'm writing to you because of all the problems that I've encountered since I signed up with you on 11/21/00. From the start when I bought my 8 web pages (1 each for the making money catalog and making money bookstore and 1 each for the 900 lines nothing that has been promised has taken place with out me having to call your people and complain about it time after time.

For example, my keywords (400 of them) were never put in my catalog and bookstore pages till I called and complained and even then it took them 1 month to complete this. Then there was the problem with my secure server. My e-mail address was never put in so if anybody did find my site by accident, I would not be able to take orders. The forms were first sent to you put in an envelope and sent back to me. When I complained of this it took your people 2 more weeks to put in my address, but they spelled my name wrong so I still could not take orders. When I called and complained about that it took another 2 weeks to get it corrected. Now for the STRAW that has broken this camels back.

I found out 2 weeks ago that I have not even been submitted to a single search engine or have my key positions put in place. Now according to what I have purchased from your company I'm supposed to have 400 search engine submissions for each of my websites (8) for a total of 3200 submissions. I have called 4 times in the last 2 weeks, getting a different person each time to try to correct this problem. So far my total return has been $2.60 that was brought in on my DATE line. But for the investment of over 4 figures I think that you would agree this is not a very good rate of return.

With this said, I either want all my money back minus the getting started package of $39.95(preferred), or have your people get off their asses and take care of these problems. Now I know that neither you Don nor anyone else will contact me on this so I guess I got screwed. But I will put out over the Internet not to do business with your company if I don’t get any phone calls or satisfaction concerning this letter.”

Well that about sums it up on this guy. Let Mr. Lapre enjoy his red bull, and definitely hold onto your money on this one. I do not recommend him at all.

Customer Reviews for Don Lapre:
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Junk!: R. Kennedy from Pomona, USA 1 Star. 59 of 70
Most People Are Lazy......: Ken from Tennessee 5 Stars. 68 of 95
900 rip-off: John from USA 1 Star. 64 of 71
Mr. Lapre is a Marketing Genius/that's it...: Lisa Alexander from Tampa, FL 2 Stars. 81 of 89
Don Lapre Infomercial Presents a Scam of an Opportunity: B. Currie from Dayton, Ohio USA 1 Star. 3 of 3
Don Lapre Gives You Ideas Which You Have To Implement: Alex from Pennsylvania 5 Stars. 0 of 0

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