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Not Recommended - Kevin Trudeau

Number of Customer Reviews for Kevin Trudeau: 49
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

*Please take note that ProgramCritiques review of Kevin Trudeau is an opinion only. ProgramCritique is not affiliated in any way with Mr. Trudeau's products and or companies. The public reviews on this site are all opinions as well. These are written based upon the personal experiences and opinions of Mr. Trudeau and or his companies and or his products. 


If you want to purchase any of Mr. Trudeau's current products and or services then go to www.naturalcures.com    


Kevin Trudeau has been a familiar face on TV. He has pushed various products into the market over the years through his unique TV commercials. His products include beauty products, memory enhancement products, reading improvement products, coral calcium, natural cures, etc. "Mega Memory System," "The Mega Reading System", "An Addiction Breaking System," "Action Reading System," "Eden's Secret," "Hair Farming", etc. are some of his successful products.


Kevin Trudeau has made a lot of money by winning the confidence of the people about his products. He is a shrewd marketer who has the distinction of being different in promoting his products.


Kevin Trudeau started promoting his products on radio and TV in a very unconventional way. He presents his infomercials in news format, which lends more credibility to his advertisements. The advertisements do not look like advertisements, but like normal news. They had names such as "A Closer Look" and he packaged them into talk shows and interview programs. He developed and hosted those infomercials with two infomercial production companies, Tru-Vantage L.L.C. and Mega Systems, Inc. Because of Kevin Trudeauís tactics, the channels now clarify to the viewers about such advertisements before airing them.


Because of the way he promotes his products, Kevin Trudeau has been a controversial person. Although millions of americans trust Kevin millions of Americans do not trust in him and his products. They allege that the products hardly deliver what he promises on the TV.


Kevin Trudeau claimed on the TV that his products such as "Eden's Secret Nature's Purifying Product" clean and purify the body. He also claimed that this particular product could cause significant weight loss and cure several problems including PMS. In another program "Doctor Callahan's Addiction Breaking System", Kevin Trudeau claimed that this product could cure different types of addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, and heroin consumption. He made several other lofty claims in his infomercials on TV. Unfortunately, the FTC found those infomercials to be deceptive and slapped a fine on him several times.


The FTC forced Kevin Trudeau to pay thousands of dollars in consumer redress. It has also severely affected his partner Jeffrey Salberg of Mega Systems International, Inc. Many consumers have gotten back their money spent on his products and even with damages in some cases.


In a latest case, the FTC has slapped a fine of two million dollars on Kevin Trudeau for making fraudulent and misleading claims about a health product. Besides the fine, the FTC has also banned him from appearing on TV to promote his products.

Customer Reviews for Kevin Trudeau:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Unacceptable: Dee from USA 1 Star. 390 of 906
Too Good To Be True: Don from Watsontown, PA 1 Star. 236 of 476
Truth & Money: ASDFJKL; from USA 5 Stars. 325 of 417
stocking verbal attack at what we throught was true: Dean from Western Canada 2 Stars. 136 of 311
Fraud: Angry from Philadelphia 1 Star. 368 of 586
Things they don't want you to know: Eva from Sebring, Florida 1 Star. 384 of 695
Natural Cures: Dr. Kenny Hatcher from Selma, AL USA 1 Star. 0 of 0
Disappointing Experience with Kevin Trudeau: Greg Schub from N C 1 Star. 30 of 36
Janurary 28, 2005: Georgia from USA 3 Stars. 200 of 225
Kevin Trudeau Banned From Infomercials: Anti-Spammer from Pennsylvania 1 Star. 81 of 251
Kevin Seems Right On - Gov Needs Changing: K & D Alexander from Lakeland, FL,The GOD Blessed USA 4 Stars. 471 of 546
The Hustler: Samuel L. Gates from Monrovia, California, USA 1 Star. 250 of 375
Common Con Artist: Rob A. from Arizona 1 Star. 133 of 273
More hustle and Hype than cures are found in the Book!!!: R. L. Jackson from Ohio USA 1 Star. 425 of 488
Kevin should write a book about how dumb people are!: Tracie Love from Salt Lake City, UT 5 Stars. 292 of 362
People Afraid Of The Truth: D Swegan from Loveland, CO USA 5 Stars. 425 of 486
I've healed 10 diseases slowly with alkaline diet: Cher from Los Angeles,CA. USA 5 Stars. 493 of 550
Educated people will find Kevin an upstanding person: Patricia from Michigan 5 Stars. 375 of 413
It is about the money!: Lloyd Wells from Ponca City, Ok. 1 Star. 111 of 203
Very Misleading: Angry Daughter from Tennessee 1 Star. 308 of 507
Buyer (And Patient) Beware!: Raquel Casillas from Los Angeles, California 1 Star. 339 of 434
Disgusted: Donna from Canada 5 Stars. 437 of 534
The truth: T. Vargas from Columbus, Ohio 5 Stars. 267 of 292
Thanks Kevin: Nita from ca. 5 Stars. 196 of 242
Tell Me Something!!!: Disapponted in Maryland from Lanham, MD 1 Star. 359 of 461
Pages: 2 Next >>

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