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Not Recommended - Lotto Systems

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

People spend thousands trying to win lotto by using systems that claim to be effective. Most lotto systems talk of some "secret mathematical formula" that works like magic. Numerous such systems started coming into the market since legalization of the lottery almost 20 years ago.

The lotto systems work on certain mathematical assumptions and calculations. Usually these systems track the numbers that have come up over the last six months and ask you to play the numbers that came up the most. Though this technique can bring occasional success, it can never be an infallible way to success in lottery.

Those selling lotto systems say that certain numbers come up often than the others. That is true, but there is no systematic pattern in it. Numbers come up in haphazard and random way making it impossible to predict a trend. If winning the lottery was just a matter of simple mathematical calculations and number tracking, probably all mathematician would have won it.

Those selling lotto systems would want you to believe that there is some fault with the state’s lottery equipment. They would want you to make the most of those faults. In reality, lottery is one of the most advanced systems in the world and it is always under strict inspection for faults. They detect and rectify any fault that may pop up instantly. No mathematician can outwit the machinery that involves millions of dollars.

Nobody would sell a system for a few dollars that can generate in thousands. Rather than earning peanuts by selling such a system, he or she would use the system and make money through lottery. However, people keep falling in the trap to believe that a lotto system can brighten their fortunes. It is necessary to understand that lottery is a game of luck and chance. No amount of mathematical calculations can alter it.

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