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Real Estate Opportunities - A.D. Kessler

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A.D. Kessler, Ph.D. is the founder of Creative Real Estate. He is the publisher of Creative Real Estate Magazine and the author of A Fortune at Your Feet - How You Can Get Rich, Stay Rich, and Enjoy Being Rich with Creative Real Estate. There are diverse reactions about his products. According to the author, the book contains guarantee methods about how you can get rich with real estate. However, the personal experiences of the people tell a different story. Kessler claims to have turned his $100 into $1 million in a short span of 18 months but the promise he made to his readers in his book has not helped many readers to become any richer.

In one of the incidences, Kessler’s wife persuaded a woman to join A.D. Kessler's mentoring program. The lucrative guarantee of owning a house within six months was enough to convince her. Initially the program seemed to work but later reality started dawning on her. The information provided in the program was vague with no further help to implement it. When things became unworkable she tried to get her money back. However, she was ignored and no money was refunded. Clearly, the program designed to make many people rich has ripped them off. While few people have learned the hard lesson of analyzing the program first, no wonder many people still have fallen in the trap.

A.D. Kessler offers a personal training program and claims that many successful speakers and teachers of today have gained considerably through his books, magazine and seminars. According to him, he trains novices to get financial independence and security that could help them get even early retirement and pursue a career in real estate. Another story could tell you much about the authenticity of this claim. Two years back a person charged his credit card for $5,000 to get Kessler’s coaching. The lease option did not work and eventually he lost his money. 

According to A.D. Kessler, his book A Fortune at Your Feet is one of the ten best real estate books ever published, but there are disappointing facts that experiences of different people have to tell you. While Kessler maintains a good repute among people, coming into direct contact tells you exactly about the relevance of his programs and strategies. Once you get in touch, you realize that his aim is to make money for himself rather than for you. This clearly shows the motive behind such high-flown promises. Thus, I do not recommend A.D. Kessler’s books or programs as they are more designed to rip you off of your monetary reserves.

I am a real estate investor and all I can tell you is that you need to develop a network of people that you work with who can make you strong where you are weak. If you are being mentored by another individual or group or have gone thru course after course and have tried to succeed but are finding it difficult give me a call at 760-931-4770 or e-mail me at John@jcsbicca.com and I will discuss with you my program. I have money available for gap financing and fix up so that you can succeed. I already have 40 students that I am helping. These are not my students but another company that specializes in mentoring. My capacity is limited so I am very selective. So contact me to see if you qualify.

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A.D. Kessler: Not So Easy!: Disappointed MB from Punxsutawney, PA USA 1 Star. 108 of 116

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