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Real Estate Opportunities - Bill Bronchick

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Bill Bronchick is the main stockholder of Bronchick Consulting Group and the CEO of Legalwiz Publications. He is a man of many skills. He is a speaker, attorney, author, and entrepreneur-all rolled into one. Besides, he is also the President and co-founder of Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors. He started his practice in real estate and law in 1990. So far, according to his claim, he has more than seven hundred real estate deals to his credit. However, his familiarity is mainly due to his regular radio and television shows. He regularly hosts talk shows on television like CNBC Power Lunch.

Bill’s famous books on real estate deals are - Flipping Properties, Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Basics of the Real Estate Contract, Real Estate Investing is Just like Weight Loss and Wealth Protection Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. The cost of each of these books range around $20. He is a simple and clear-cut person and his advice and speeches at conventions are sound and to the point. His books are a boon to newcomers as they offer systematic guidelines and concrete information about real estate dealings. Bill Bronchick ranks among the more honest people in the real estate business.

Bill’s book - Basics of the Real Estate Contract stresses on understanding the real estate business and focuses on both novices and experts. The lucid language and vivid presentation makes things clear while explaining the legal part of the real estate business. Bill Bronchick’s other book - Real Estate Investing is Just Like Weight Loss lays bare the stress on hard work and a commitment towards your business. Bill Bronchick asserts that you cannot achieve any concrete results without proper planning and implementation. It is the same as adhering sincerely to weight loss programs. It is not enough to just try things. Instead, you have to give your 100% to be successful in the real estate business. Strategies in his book will help you to start or develop your real estate business. Of course, the degree of effort decides your level of success.

Another book from Bill Bronchick - Flipping Properties details all the necessary documentations and processes for buying and selling properties. It enlightens you to identify and negotiate the best and profitable deals. It also has many sample forms, checklists and dwells on other practical solutions for the purchase and sale of properties.

However, not everybody is a happy or satisfied customer after applying different strategies highlighted in Bill’s books. Most of the customers have not been able to generate a good income by applying his ideas in the real estate business. His videos lack quality and members of his real estate club are tired of his numerous junk e-mails. Besides, his office staff also pesters you to no end to purchase some of Bill’s mentoring programs. Overall, Bill Bronchick needs to keep a check on such harassments to be more popular with the public.

Customer Reviews for Bill Bronchick:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Bootcamps Good- Coaching Not So Good.: Celeste Huss from Denver Area, Colorado 1 Star. 6 of 7
Mixed Review of Bill Bronchick - There Were Lots of Sales Pitches: Anonymous from Denver, CO 3 Stars. 8 of 10
Bill Bronchick's Ideas Require Follow Through: Don Loyd from Oregon 4 Stars. 6 of 10
Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable: Jerry Mcintire from Tulsa, OK 5 Stars. 0 of 1
Mentoring program: Bill Bronchick from Denver, CO 5 Stars. 0 of 0

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