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Real Estate Opportunities - Ernest Tew

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Ernest Tew is a distinguished name in creative real estate investing. He specializes in asset protection and mobile home parks. While he is in the business since 1960, he has not remained stagnant in his perspective. The latest information and ideas have received due attention. He attends about four seminars dealing with real estate issues each year to keep pace with newly evolved ideas.

Ernest Tew has actively participated in the management, development, marketing and acquisition of worth over $200 million of real estate business. While his dexterity lies in managing large transactions, he has now specialized in manufactured home communities and mini-storage facilities as well. The Academy Network bestowed Tew the designation of Academy Certified Exchanger in 1983. The highest award of the Academy, Golden Eagle Award followed in 1989. He got the award for the way he made possible purchase of the 20-story Founders Tower office building in Oklahoma City.

Ernest Tew has shared his working techniques in his three famous "how-to" books. His book "How to Get Rich Helping Others", deals with the aspect of investing in manufactured home communities and manufactured homes to make huge money. "Good Cents", delineates the simple and easy way of methodically planning your investments. His third book "How to Protect Your Assets" unfurls the different ways helpful for protecting you from excessive taxes, lawsuits, government and probate seizure. He also offers a course titled "The Investors Toolkit", which is one of the most detailed systems dealing with financial security. Some of the basic concepts on which real estate investments depend are capitalizing on financial gains, minimizing the taxes, playing upon the power of negotiation and safeguarding the asset.

Ernest Tew stands distinct from the hoard of the so-called marketing experts whose chief purpose is making tall claims and lucrative promises. He is not an articulate speaker or an effective motivator but he adequately prepares you for the hurdles ahead. His tips on mobile home investing, deal making, asset protection, commercial real estate, etc. are beneficial and worth opting.

I am a real estate investor and all I can tell you is that you need to develop a network of people that you work with who can make you strong where you are weak. If you are being mentored by another individual or group or have gone thru course after course and have tried to succeed but are finding it difficult give me a call at 760-931-4770 or e-mail me at John@jcsbicca.com and I will discuss with you my program. I have money available for gap financing and fix up so that you can succeed. I already have 40 students that I am helping. These are not my students but another company that specializes in mentoring. My capacity is limited so I am very selective. So contact me to see if you qualify.

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