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Real Estate Opportunities - John Beck

Number of Customer Reviews for John Beck: 30
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Real Estate can be a thriving business for you if you know the art of doing the trade. Real estate has created many millionaires in the business. John Beck has to his credit a book titled, “Buy Real Estate Free and Clear for Pennies on the Dollar”. The book takes account of how investors can make use of the tax sales process for buying free and clear real estate for a few pennies on the dollar.

Several books dealing with various aspects of the Real Estate business are available under the name of John Beck. These include Tax Deed Edition Book, Real Estate for Pennies on the Dollar, Tax Lien Edition book, John Beck Amazing Profits Book, and Free & Clear Real Estate Directory. Other materials include Free & Clear Properties by Mail Book, Quick Start Video and Free & Clear CD to Hottest Links and Making Money with Free & Clear Properties on the Internet. The package further includes a consulting program with a counselor who can guide you and answer your queries.

While the package is good, some people think the price is a little high. John’s book and other informational packages have stirred divergent response from the users. One client has to say that though he liked John’s book and the Distress Sales Report, his TV informational tax lien products or services does not impress much. There are a few points that you must not ignore about Mr. Beck’s services. While ordering the course designed, you will have the impression that Mr. Beck talks about his infomercial in a simple and easy way, but when you go through it, you will find that things are entirely different. You need an associate to make the information comprehensible and to get his aid you have to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000. This is certainly not free and quite disgusting when you understand the scheme of things behind it.

The program highlights the opportunity created by availability of taxed out property of the poor and underlines processes by which you can utilize this opportunity to become wealthy. The program is pro big government that immorally abets private property thefts. Consequently, it is not recommendable to use the product and services associated with it as it propagates the idea of procuring riches by depriving the poor.

It is not truthful towards marketing its programs as well. Some programs while claimed to be free are not actually so and thus lack transparency and make the customer distrustful. Conclusively, I do not recommend John Beck’s product and services for boosting your Real Estate Business. 


Customer Reviews for John Beck:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
John Beck Has Made My Like Difficult: Jason Gibson from Michigan 1 Star. 50 of 51
Shady Sales Presentation by John Beck: Mary Sullivan from Seattle, WA 1 Star. 491 of 538
In my opinion a SCAM.: Eddie from Utah 1 Star. 378 of 396
John Beck Ripped Me Off!: JoAnn from Sacramento Ca 1 Star. 574 of 598
Are you kidding?: M>B> Calbert from Los Angeles, Ca 1 Star. 0 of 0
Properties in CA cannot be purchased for 1-2 cents on a $: Rufus from Mojave CA 1 Star. 204 of 213
John Becks The Land Banc: Carolyn Whitfield from Chicago, IL USA 1 Star. 236 of 243
Not Happy!: Eduardo Leon from Oakland California (U.S.A.) 1 Star. 197 of 211
John Beck I Can Live Without!: Leila from USA 1 Star. 177 of 192
John Beck's System is a bummer!: Rose Weiner from Fremont, Ca USA 1 Star. 155 of 185
John Beck helps only those that are 100% committed: John Levi from USA 5 Stars. 265 of 448
Valuable Information!: D D from Lima, OH USA 1 Star. 240 of 250
Re:John Beck helps only those that are 100% committed:: Greg Martins from Santa Fe, NM 1 Star. 152 of 181
Beware John Beck ripped me off!: Odalis E. Ramos from Miami, Fl USA 1 Star. 324 of 337
Mr. Beck's System Only For The People Who Have Money :(: Angel from USA 1 Star. 235 of 243
Did not work for me!: Constancce from Hanover P.A. 1 Star. 83 of 95
John Beck number 1 bummer: B Covington from NC 1 Star. 170 of 174
Unethical Phony: John Beck Runs Amuck: Jan from Texas 1 Star. 72 of 73
I Almost Spent More Money On John Beck: Desiree from Riverside, CA 1 Star. 23 of 25
Missing Money In My Account Was Taken From John Beck: Fred Cornelius from Baltimore 1 Star. 20 of 25
People That Work For John Beck Give Him a Bad Name: Micky from New York City, N.Y. 1 Star. 16 of 18
Most People Are Trying To Make An Honest Dollar, But Not John Beck: Cindy from Pennsylvania 1 Star. 18 of 23
Emergency Credit Card Was Used Up By John Beck: K. Caretto from Orlando FLorida 1 Star. 30 of 31
Some People Just Aren't Smart Enough To Understand John Beck: Amanda from Tennessee 2 Stars. 38 of 45
John Beck Knows How to Get Your Money: J MacDonald from Canada 1 Star. 17 of 17
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