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Real Estate Opportunities - Russ Dalby

Number of Customer Reviews for Russ Dalby: 35
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

 Russ Dalbey sells an educational course called ‘Winning In The Cash Flow Business’. I saw his infomercial on TV and thought it would be a good way to earn some extra money. After watching the commercial I became interested in starting my own home-based business.

The course was quite inexpensive and it had all the basics for how to start a Cash Flow Note business. Most of the information was pretty clear and easy to understand. Occasionally I found myself a little stumped so I called Mr. Dalbey’s support line and found the staff to be very helpful – they seemed to really want me to succeed.

The course came with 250 unique names and numbers of people who held Cash Flow Notes. This was very helpful in getting started, and I managed to close two deals that paid for my course many times over. I think you’re more than likely to close at least one deal just from this list, although some of the numbers were for people who didn’t want to sell. You just have to go through them all and hopefully find someone who does. I have two more potential deals in the works, but they are taking a little longer. I listed my Cash Flow Notes on Russ Dalbey’sNote Network’ and both of them were snapped up within three days. There was no charge for this and Dalbey didn’t take a cut.


The success counselors I spoke to were very polite and not at all pushy. They suggested a couple of things, and I declined until I knew my business was working. They were perfectly nice and let it drop immediately. Now that I’ve got some deals under my belt I will probably try Dalbey’s seminar, which I’ve heard good things about. I was told that I would leave the seminar with a guaranteed deal, which seems quite impressive.


I don’t think I’ll make a million dollars with Russ Dalbey’s Winning In The Cash Flow Business course, but I am making a lot more than my pension and I think that if I put a little effort in I could easily make a substantial income this year. If someone like me can understand it, I’m sure anyone could. I would recommend it highly to anyone who has a few spare hours each week and could use the extra income.


Here’s what other students had to say about Russ Dalbey’s Winning In The Cash Flow Business Course:


After trying some other programs, I ordered the Russ Dalbey books and when they came they showed me everything I needed to know to begin to broker cash flow notes. I didn’t have to buy property or invest or anything! I had no idea just how many people used private notes instead of borrowing money from a bank. Even though the books were wonderful, I still had questions because I was so new at this. Whenever I called up The Dalbey Wealth Institute there were always people in Russ’s office ready to help me. They even gave me my own personal trainer.

Now I work on MY schedule.


David Pelian
Overland Park, Kansas


“When I decided to start a home-based business, I looked a quite a few. I order a number of them almost always had trouble understanding the material. However, Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business is different. The material is wonderful and teaches you about as much as anybody could know.”

Jennifer Johnson
Detroit , MI


I got laid off from a construction job last year, so after thinking about working for myself but never actually doing anything about it, I decided it was time. I was stressed out and up late and saw “Winning in the Cash Flow Business” by Russ Dalbey. Never thought-missing sleep would be so good for me!

Turns out, Russ Dalbey is an expert in “cash flow notes.” I bought “Winning in the Cash Flow Business” to get started. He’s been teaching people how to make money by finding and referring more than a dozen different types of privately financed notes for years. I’ve seen that some people posted problems with Russ on web sites, but it looked to me like most or all of them were not real – they were just trying to sell their own courses. I recommend Russ’ courses to start your own business.

Dale Jones
Milpitas, California

Customer Reviews for Russ Dalby:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Close call: R Kennedy from Pomona, USA 1 Star. 354 of 394
Outrageous: MCK1051 from USA 1 Star. 129 of 190
I think I'll keep my money!: Sherry Trueblood from Ohio 1 Star. 112 of 134
Gary Collins, Desperate Actor!: Robert from V, CA 1 Star. 96 of 132
Close Call: A W from Wilmington, NC 1 Star. 28 of 48
Research Research Research: Patrick from Illinois 2 Stars. 143 of 159
Winning in the cash flow bussiness :(: Jay from Las Vegas 1 Star. 157 of 170
FISHY...pew: Linda Evans from Portland, Oregon 1 Star. 50 of 69
Confused!!!!!: Grandmother from Paradise, CA USA 1 Star. 61 of 63
Read before you leap . . . .: Terry Lewis from Durham,NC 1 Star. 117 of 133
Most Informative: Noteably Out There from College Park, MD 4 Stars. 194 of 337
Put the time In the Program and Reap the Benefits: A. M. from Las Vegas, NV 3 Stars. 566 of 620
Our Ignorances...Their Best Asset!!: Padi Martin from Forest Falls California USA 1 Star. 1 of 1
POSITIVE REVIEW: Phil from Bellvue, CO USA 5 Stars. 81 of 85
You have to learn the program.: Josh Gibson from Orlando, Florida USA 4 Stars. 94 of 99
Fantasey or Fiction - You Be the Judge: E Anderson from Minnesota 3 Stars. 228 of 239
No Pain No Gain: greatful me from San Bernardino County California 3 Stars. 217 of 247
No Refund - Why Not Russ?: PHILLIP from GA 1 Star. 0 of 0
What's all the fuss?!: Brenda P. from Eagan, MN USA 4 Stars. 81 of 111
100% SCAM! WATCH OUT!: MICHAEL E. from San Antonio, TX. 1 Star. 1 of 1
THE BEST MOVE I'VE EVER MADE!!!: mike from az 5 Stars. 52 of 70
So, you want to be rich, eh?: Josh P. from Denver, CO 4 Stars. 63 of 70
Spend money to earn money: Ron from Daytona Beach, FL 5 Stars. 55 of 81
Russ Dalbey's Winning In The Cash Flow Business: Royce B from USA 5 Stars. 82 of 91
30 Fraud Day`s Later - Thanks Russ Dalbey: FRAUD DALBY from RICHMOND, VA. 1 Star. 1 of 1
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