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Real Estate Opportunities - Sam King & Empower Capital, Inc.

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Dr. Seymour P. Kern is managing director of his financial investment company- JVREA, LLC. JVREA, LLC and now Empower Capital, Inc. is a succession of business activity that was founded in 2000, dealing in offering solutions to investors and other qualifiers in getting the best of their real estate investments. In a way, JVREA, LLC and now Empower Capital, Inc. deals in helping you buy your home. Dr. Seymour P. Kern through JVREA and now Empower Capital, Inc. enables you buy your dream home through a group purchase, which later becomes your individual possession. Recently the name changed to Empower Capital, Inc. and in the emails a Sam King is heading things up now. Or is Sam King just really Dr. Seymour P. Kerns in disguise. I really do not know but you should verify this first. Maybe because of all the heat that JVREA, LLC was getting he needed to change the company name and take himself out of the picture....? When you type in www.jvrea.com the url is redirected to www.empowercapital.com . California records show Dr. Seymour P. Kerns as the agent for service of process for both JVREA, LLC and (2/14//2002) and Empower Capital, Inc. (1/26/2004)

JVREA, LLC and now Empower Capital, Inc. essentially brings together different people and makes them its members, all the while managing their financial necessities. Additionally, Dr. Seymour P. Kern of JVREA and now Empower Capital ensures alternative options of using money of members during unstable real estate market conditions. When you invest your money in real estates through JVREA and now Empower Capital, you can get good returns from such investments and better them in future. Additionally, JVREA and now Empower Capital assures you of an earning of two percent on your money monthly, which are useful for receiving loans or increasing your money through such investments.

Dr. Seymour P. Kern is author of various books on real estate like Power Trilogies for Success in Real Estate, the Psychology of Real Estate Lecture Series, Real Estate Secrets and the Power of Milk Money. Besides, Dr. Seymour P. Kern has also authored many more books like Rent to Own - Go From Renting to Owning Day One, How to Get Paid When You Buy Real Estate, Acquiring Real Estate Starting With Only $100 per Month.

However, Dr. Seymour P. Kern of JVREA and now of Empower Capital has in my opinion a very mercurial opportunity. There are public records out there that indicate back when Dr. Seymour P. Kerns was practicing medicine that his advertising practices where misleading. It appears that he may have lost his medical license due to questionable advertising practices. You should ask him this question and explore this on your own before investing your hard earned dollars. In my opinion and from my experience of Dr. Seymour P. Kerns he is doing it again. I would recommend that if you are going to do business with JVREA, LLC and or Empower Capitol, Inc. that you investigate very thoroughly the current opportunity that he is promoting and that you do everything in writing and most definitely use a qualified attorney to protect and represent your interests.

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