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Real Estate Opportunities - World Financial Group

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) is a multi level marketing company offering numerous products like different financial services, life insurance, etc through its many associates and affiliated companies. Aim of company is to achieve financial independence for all irrespective of your earning levels. It promotes people with lower income to undertake different income earning opportunities and increase their total income.

World Financial Group was previously World Marketing Alliance delivering various mutual funds, variable life insurances, annuities, etc. The same group functions as World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. in with offices at Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. It is a member of Mutual Funds Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) and Investment Funds Institute of (IFIC).

Functioning on multi level marketing network, WFG has a wide network of associates who can independently sell products-mutual funds and life insurance- to public. These associates need to recruit further members to widen client base and earn higher commissions. Although multilevel marketing features work fine for marketing of household products like that done by Amway, it is not an advisable venture for selling life insurance policies or mutual funds. Associates claim to offer you an array of financial products, but they tend to sell only those, which prove to be beneficial to them in terms of earning higher commissions. They try to legalize their dealings be selling insurance policies.

Although WFG is essentially a multi level marketing company, it refuses to acknowledge itself on similar terms. WFG concentrates on recruiting people with little or no experience in finance industry so that it is simpler for company to dupe the person and make him an associate. You also need to pay an entrance or membership fee with further expenses of course fees, licensing fees, company brochures, marketing, etc. WFG does not reimburse any of these fees. WFG also offers lower returns on your insurance policies and refuses to provide you any training unless you recruit further members. Such insistence on recruiting is to gather wider client base for the company. As an associate, you need to bring in a list of contact, which are usually your close friends and relatives. Company then targets these leads to expand business. WFG’s working involves many fraudulent schemes.

Customer Reviews for World Financial Group:
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World Financial Group Uses a Variety of Companies: MD from Canada 5 Stars. 129 of 168
Business Associates and Clients Benefit From World Financial Group: Sheryl L. Potter Bueno from California, USA 5 Stars. 60 of 66
Some Facts About World Financial Group: Terry M. Lavoie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada 5 Stars. 70 of 96
When Your Superiors Are Horrible, Then So Is World Financial Group: EX MD from San Jose, Ca 1 Star. 80 of 119
Let World Financial Group Structure Your Portfolio: Blair Placard from Calgary, Alberta 4 Stars. 60 of 68
World Financial Group Offers Good Support But Lower Commissions: Anonymous from IL 3 Stars. 68 of 72
World Financial Group Model Can Work to Make Money: Amy Chan from Oakland CA, USA 4 Stars. 46 of 51
World Financial Group's Philosophy Makes People Money and Happy: Ryan Rothermal from Calgary, Alberta Canada 5 Stars. 52 of 59
World Financial Group Is A Good Business For Consumers Or Entrepreneurs: JM Villegas from California 5 Stars. 3 of 4
Scammers and liars: Eisem Malkes from Canada 1 Star. 3 of 4

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