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Top 12 Requested - Carleton Sheets

Number of Customer Reviews for Carleton Sheets: 33
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Offline Guru, Real Estate Opportunities, Most Popular, Top 12 Requested, Not Recommended Carleton Sheets Critique

Carleton Sheets is yet another self proclaimed no money down real estate guru, who in my opinion has clearly made his fortune in selling information, not in investing in real estate. And like every other real estate business opportunity, only an extremely small percentage ever succeed using his or any of the others information. This is because real estate investing is so much more complicated then they make it sound.

Naturally, this does not discount the fact that you may stumble across a property using his techniques, but like all of the other no money down real estate gurus, you can really only use these techniques with motivated sellers and typically in a down market.

What amazes me however is that all the no money down gurus have all the same info on how to invest in real estate, yet it is very hard to find any negative information about him. He seems to charge an enormous amount of money for his info, which you can obtain used for pennies on the dollar, or for that matter any of the other gurus info as well.

I bought Mr. Sheets course 4 years ago and went through it in detail, and like all of the other courses that I have bought over the years the information is very similar to all of the other no money down gurus that are peddling this stuff. I always learn some new information, but I end up concluding the same thing. That I am better off forming a support group as I explain in the next paragraph and that creative real estate is only creative in a horrible market. Since I am in San Diego, well that very rarely happens.

I am a real estate investor and all I can tell you is that you need to develop a network of people that you work with who can make you strong where you are weak. If you are being mentored by another individual or group or have gone thru course after course and have tried to succeed but are finding it difficult, give me a call at 760-931-4770 or e-mail me at John@jcsbicca.com and I will discuss with you my program. I have money available for gap financing and fix up so that you can succeed. I already have 40 students that I am helping. These are not my students but another company that specializes in mentoring. My capacity is limited so I am very selective. So contact me to see if you qualify.

The following are some comments of others that have knowledge or experience with Mr. Sheets:

1) Why do YOU think Carleton Sheets is offering a 30 day trial for only $9.95?

Just like you, I have seen Carleton Sheets on TV for the last twenty years. How could you miss him? He is on morning, noon, and night. I even bought and tested his course, TWICE! The real reason behind this marketing secret has multiple explanations, but the part that concerns you and me is that so many of these courses have been sold that Carleton Sheets had to lower the price.

If he wanted to continue to sell the number of courses a day that he had become accustomed to over his 20+ years, his strategy had to change and it did. Just a short time ago the first payment was around $59.00 with two more of that amount to follow. He is offering the inexpensive home trial to get more courses out so he has more of an opportunity to sell very expensive additions.

Carleton Sheets comes out with a "new and improved" version of this course every two years or so; it is basically the same information with minor modifications and new packaging. That means he has been selling basically the same information to many, many people A DAY for 20+ years.

This translates into HUGE competition and even more coming, now that he offers it out so cheap!

I am not saying the Carleton Sheets course has no value, but it is very difficult, time consuming work and there are many others besides Carleton Sheets people trying to do it as well. In the face of all of this, if you do decide to buck the odds and order the Carleton Sheets course, be prepared for his telemarketers to call you relentlessly, trying to convince you to spend Thousands of Dollars on additional items! I would not put myself through this whole Carleton Sheets experience again and I would suggest that you do not either!”

2) Carleton H. Sheets a.k.a. Carlton Sheets, Carleton Sheets, Carleton Sheets.

I previously described Sheets as a former Al Lowry instructor. He wrote me a letter saying he wasn’t a Lowry instructor. The letter also complained about being lumped in with Robert Allen. I have since learned that Sheets was a pitchman for Nothing Down author Robert Allen, that is, he was the guy who made speeches to get people to sign up for Allen’s weekend seminar. Seems to me Sheets should have mentioned that in his letter to me.

He also protested that he no longer does infomercials from a yacht in Florida, although he admits he did one scene from a yacht 12 or 14 years ago. In his letter to me, Sheets bragged that he recently did a nothing-down purchase. I asked for the address and name of the lender. No response. Sheets’ letter says he has been a full-time real estate investor for nearly 29 years. The phrase full-time real estate investor catches my eye. Such people are rare. Most of the real-estate millionaires I know only do it part-time.

It’s kind of the nature of real estate: part business and part investment. Sheets’ partner Mark Holocek admitted to me that Sheets now spends less than 40 hours per week on real estate investment, but that’s all he does. Well, except for appearing in infomercials. In his letter to me, Sheets claimed, I am buying, selling and rehabbing property on a weekly basis. I asked him for the addresses of the properties he had bought, sold, or rehabbed in the last three months. No response.

Why would a guru brag to me about his purchases, sales, and rehabs, and then refuse to provide addresses, especially when he ought to know I am going to tell my readers about it? It can’t be privacy. All real estate transactions, including lenders, are publicly recorded. Rehab generally requires a building permit, which is also public. Some gurus refuse to provide addresses because they simply did not do the deals at all, others because there is something about the deal that would embarrass them. I do not know Sheets’ motivation for not responding to my request for addresses and a lender name.

Someone other than Sheets tells me that he is one of another rare breed. He is not a self-employed guru. Rather he has some sort of partnership or independent contractor relationship with the guys who actually promote and sell the Carleton Sheets home-study course. If that’s the case, he may be able to invest most of the time, but not full-time. I guarantee you that no guru who owns and runs his own guru business has time to also invest full-time.

Although Sheets’ prices seem relatively low, once you order you will find that you are repeatedly pressured to buy more expensive products. His inexpensive products are deliberately left vague and incomplete to get you to buy more expensive products.

A couple of people have told me they made a lot of money in real estate because of Sheets. I don’t believe it. I have read a considerable portion of his material and have yet to find any ideas that would lead to anyone making money. At worst, the people who have contacted me are simply shills who are lying. At best, they are sincere people who did, in fact, get into real estate and make money, but they are erroneously attributing their success to Sheets. If you truly think Sheets’ advice made you money, please tell me which one of Sheets’ books gave you the ideas you used to make money, and the page and line numbers of the idea or ideas in question. I suspect that if any of these people are sincere, they will be surprised to find that they cannot cite a single specific piece of Sheets’ advice that helped them, other than his general statement that you can make money in real estate.

The real-estate world has long been inhabited by thousands of successful people who got into real estate because of some bogus guru, could not make money with the guru ideas they had so expensively purchased, but ended up discovering other, legitimate ways to make money in real estate on their own. Most of these folks are intelligent enough to recognize that they were taken by the guru and succeeded more in spite of him than because of him. But a small percentage of people are sufficiently dimwitted and easily manipulated that they retain their love for their guru long after they should have noticed that his stuff really did not work and they actually made their money using a different approach.”

If you are going to buy Mr. Sheets or for that matter any other no money down gurus real estate info, definitely buy it second hand as inexpensively as possible. Read through everything and learn as much as you can from this information and figure out how you can successfully get into real estate, but definitely do not delude yourself into thinking that no money down deals are just going to find you, or for that matter any real estate deal. You have to develop a successful team of people that you are surrounded by and bring something to the table. Good luck!

I do not recommend that you buy any of Mr. Sheets information first hand. I definitely do not recommend it second hand if you think for some reason that you are going to suddenly have an inside track that no one else has. This no money down stuff has been marketed for so long that the market is flooded with starry-eyed fools that real estate professionals cannot wait to get their hands on. A fool and his money are soon parted.

Customer Reviews for Carleton Sheets:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Buyer Beware!: K Patten from California, USA 1 Star. 216 of 236
Dissapointed: Monica P from USA 1 Star. 96 of 109
HOMESTUDY PROGRAM: Linda from Odessa, TX 1 Star. 106 of 120
Misleading!: Nancy from Maryland 1 Star. 103 of 115
Some Good Ideas: Curtis Lawson from Houston, TX 3 Stars. 104 of 119
It worked for me!: B Johnson from N.Y.C 5 Stars. 120 of 272
Dissappointed: Nicole from Naples Florida 1 Star. 108 of 113
Misleading My Friends...: Dave Cassidy from Buffalo, NY 1 Star. 94 of 104
It Worked For Me: Jake from Chicago IL 5 Stars. 129 of 168
Great for information on investing - Depends where you live: Mark from Northern Calif. 3 Stars. 91 of 99
Can We Take A Stand?: John Johnson from Chicago, IL. USA 1 Star. 48 of 62
Be careful: Quinn from TX USA 2 Stars. 100 of 111
The new mob!: Bud Harrington from Baltimore, Maryland 1 Star. 121 of 131
Sheets Has Some Worthwhile Information: Douglas from Tennessee 2 Stars. 72 of 79
It is just OK: Dave S. from Phoenix, AZ 2 Stars. 65 of 68
Late on the research : (: Lorraine from Santa Barbara, CA USA 1 Star. 73 of 82
Carleton Sheets Sells Useless Info!: Jimmy B. Russell from Brownsville, Texas 1 Star. 86 of 98
They want more money!: Marion from USA 1 Star. 97 of 100
I did a no money down deal!: M. Lewis from Connecticut 1 Star. 265 of 279
Carleton Sheets: Caught up. from Texas 1 Star. 52 of 57
Carleton Sheets: Got my moneys worth from Orlando, Fl USA 3 Stars. 77 of 85
Carleton Sheets Course worked for me too!!: G. Townshend from Portland, ME 5 Stars. 150 of 163
Success is Up to YOU!!: Ken Jacoby from Anchorage, Alaska 5 Stars. 160 of 171
Carleton Sheets No Money Solution Might Work: Mike S. from Charlotte NC 3 Stars. 3 of 3
Beware of Overcharges to your Credit Card: James T. from Austin, TX USA 1 Star. 179 of 185
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