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Top 12 Requested - Ken Roberts

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Ken Roberts – Offline Guru, Investment Opportunities, Most Popular, Top 12 requested Critique

Ken Roberts is a commodities guru. I bought Mr. Roberts course 4 years ago, The Worlds Most Powerful Money Manual & Course. I found it very informative and educational. However, once I completed the course it just seemed to me that commodities are too risky. I have no doubt that Mr. Roberts makes money in the commodities market, however I can only imagine how much he makes selling all of his information and services.

If it provides an excellent value to someone then what he makes for his information is fine, however I cannot imagine that very many people make good money in investing in one of the highest risk investments on the planet. Even your top money managers have a hard time making money in commodities. If you have over 1 million dollars (the minimum ante) and want to contract with some of the highest paid money managers that have track records in investing in commodities then I would certainly recommend that course of action. A little research and you can find some excellent ones.

If you insist upon using his information for investing in commodities then I would recommend that you impose restrictions upon yourself and paper trade until you prove his system out for yourself to be successful.

The following are comments of others in regards to Mr. Roberts:

1) “DO NOT SEND MONEY TO Ken Roberts! There, I gave my warning. It said he was rated #1 the last two years but do you know what is funny? He has been saying that in his advertisements for the prior two years before that!

In fact, in the last 12-month period or so his trades, as he lists on his daily hotline, have lost approx. 40%!! I'm not sure of the exact number, so if any of you are Ken Roberts traders and the number is off then I'm sorry.

I really question Ken Robert's convictions. They seem very, very honest and straightforward in his advertisements. That's probably why he gets so many people hooked. But I would have to bet that he makes MORE money from selling his crazy system then from his futures trading.

In fact, I would go as far as saying he makes more than 10 times from his publishing business! Do you know that his manual, TMPWM is like a 3rd grader's version of an introductory to commodities?

His system is merely to buy on the breakouts of a 1-2-3 formation after a one-year high or low, but you have to eyeball the formation. And put your stop below the #1 point.

I forgot how much, but his TWPWM #1 course sells for like $295 or something with a 6-month telephone hotline I think (the hotline is how he justifies the large cost).

And then his options manual, TWMPWM #2, sells for around $150 or so I think, and it too is a 3rd grader's version of a general guide to commodity options. The system in there is to buy a call or put 3 months out and 3 strike prices higher when a commodity has made a new yearly low/high and just turned up.

Come on Ken Roberts, stop suckering all of these innocent people into futures trading! Can you imagine going into futures trading with only the knowledge I've given you here? You've paid about $450 for this info, and you have never picked up a book or anything (in fact, Ken Roberts warns his customers to NOT read any other books or systems about futures trading), and now you are ready to conquer the futures market?

I think Ken Roberts is a guy who is riding on other people’s desire to make money, by packaging something mysterious to the ordinary citizen, futures trading, and making them think a pamphlet-quality instruction booklet will make them money!

"This is just my opinion, though."

At this time I would only recommend Mr. Robert’s course if you are willing to paper trade first, and if that is successful remember paper trading is nothing like really putting your money on the line. If you elect to precede move forward as though it is Las Vegas and you may lose all of your money. If you are not willing to follow a path like just outlined then move on.

Customer Reviews for Ken Roberts:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Honest straight forward: Gordie from Grants Pass Oregon 5 Stars. 59 of 176
Impressive: Kevin Gross from Bluefield, VA 5 Stars. 60 of 92
Ken Roberts Product Does Not Do the Job: Cheryl from Omaha, Nebraksa 1 Star. 134 of 157
Ken Roberts teaches risk management.: Joe from Grandy 5 Stars. 41 of 66
Well Worth The Investment: Sharon Slauson from Bakersfield, Ca 4 Stars. 3 of 4
Best Commodities Education....: Lonewolfblue from Wenatchee, WA USA 5 Stars. 44 of 71
If it sounds too goof to be true . . .: Roy from Grand Forks, ND 1 Star. 74 of 95
Been SUCCESSFULLY trading the Ken Roberts method since 1996: Loran from Beech Mountain, NC 5 Stars. 96 of 161
The man seems to be nice...but: Fran Jennings from Miami, FL 1 Star. 117 of 137
Ken Roberts Course: Paul from Lincoln, NE 1 Star. 98 of 105
Ken Roberts Has Excellent Commodities Trading Information Which Is Always The Key: Steve from NC 5 Stars. 117 of 127
There Are Better Ways to Trade Stocks Then Through Ken Roberts: Carlos W.Pendleton from Houston, TX 1 Star. 26 of 29
Ken Roberts Won't Even Trade His Own System: Brian Lucena from Redwood City, California 1 Star. 126 of 131
Follow Ken Robert's Market Strategy: You Win: Jidza from Eagle, Idaho 3 Stars. 19 of 21
Take Responsibility for Yourself: Don't Blame Ken Roberts: T Stauffcaher from Madison, Wi 3 Stars. 21 of 22
Ken Robert's Trading System Can Be Found for FREE: Peter Hill from Las Vegas Nevada 1 Star. 64 of 69
Time tested: Doug Edwards from Norwell, Ma. 5 Stars. 9 of 13
Ken Roberts Huge Profits In Trading: Bones from Texas 5 Stars. 14 of 14
Ken Roberts Black Box Trading Takes Concerned Effort: Ronald Hunt from Twin Falls, ID 1 Star. 6 of 8
Like The Other Guy Said Take Responsibility For Yourself: Tre from Ottawa, Canada 5 Stars. 5 of 5
Ken Roberts is Fantastic: David from Hattiesburg, Mississippi 5 Stars. 13 of 14
What Ken Roberts did for me: William Stanley from Tampa Florida 1 Star. 19 of 23
Ken Roberts was simply great!: Frank Greene from Toronto, Canada. 5 Stars. 1 of 1
What you really need, can't be taught...: Kevin from San Diego, CA 3 Stars. 3 of 3
I Bought Ken Robert's Course And Lost A Fortune.....: Bryan from Charlotte NC USA 1 Star. 11 of 13
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