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Top 12 Requested - Michael Parness

Number of Customer Reviews for Michael Parness: 26
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Michael Parness Investment Opportunities, Most Popular, Offline Guru Critique

Several Years ago I bought Michael Parnessís course Trend Trading To Win for $224.75. I learned about Mr. Parness from an infomercial while on business in Pittsburgh. I jumped in hook, line and sinker!

I signed up for his major service that he calls Ninja Trading for $429.00 a month. I paper traded and followed every trade that they did moment to moment. I personally could not make money paper trading to my satisfaction so after 3 months I moved on. I had invested by that time at least several thousand dollars only to conclude that it wasnít for me.

It seems that Mr. Parness is one of the real ones that can make money in the markets, however he must be making money hand over fist from his infomercials and all of his services, with infinitely less risk.

His story is very interesting and he definitely believes in what he is doing and trades daily. He claims to be at the pinnacle of day trading. Although it appears that many have benefited from his methods I would suspect that the vast majority do not. This is high risk trading and very few have the personality traits necessary to succeed at it.

I would only recommend Mr. Parnessís material if you are as serious as a heart attack, and adequately prove to yourself after paper trading that you can be successful with his methods.

Remember, that if you do elect to invest your hard earned money that it is like going to Las Vegas, in that you should put up a certain amount of money that you are willing to lose, and if you do lose that money you are out! Time to move on.

Customer Reviews for Michael Parness:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Dissapointed: Dev from USA 1 Star. 182 of 298
Learned Nothing!: MICHEAL ISLANCO from FRANKLIN SQUARE NY 11010 1 Star. 76 of 144
Need to know what you are doing!!: David D from Pittsburgh, PA 1 Star. 287 of 299
Should have kept selling baseball cards!: Mr. Baseball Card Mint Kid from New York City 1 Star. 119 of 140
Michael Parness: Success or Danger: Bert from Kentucky 2 Stars. 254 of 267
Michael Parness Would Loose Money If He Took His Own Trade Advice: Rich from Hackensack,NJ 1 Star. 123 of 127
Buy the book - a better way to make money: David from Philadelphia, PA 4 Stars. 94 of 106
Michael Parness - Credit Card Scam: Anonymous from Boston, MA 1 Star. 181 of 188
Michael Parness Sitting by the Pool is a Facade: Anonymous from Anytown, USA 1 Star. 29 of 40
Michael Parness Book is an Advertisment for a $6000 Trading Course: Anonymous from New York, New York 1 Star. 92 of 95
Laziness Will Kill Your Success. Act On Michael Parness's Techniques: Chris from Reading, PA 4 Stars. 72 of 79
Beware Front-Runners of Michael Parness: John Doe from Somewhere, IN 2 Stars. 56 of 61
Michael Parness Is Good at the Trading Game: Anonymous from Montana 3 Stars. 41 of 46
Michael Parness Trend Fund Uses High Pressure Tactics: Randy Einfalt from Voorhees, New Jersey 1 Star. 42 of 45
Michael Parness and I are Making Money: Greg from Vermont 5 Stars. 50 of 72
Michael Parness is No Genius by Any Form of the Word: Jim from New York 2 Stars. 39 of 47
Michael Parness No Reimbursement Of My Money: Pete from New Jersey 1 Star. 19 of 25
Michael's Tenchniques Work If You Work Them: AJ from Utah 5 Stars. 20 of 23
I've made millions trading Michael Parness' system: Michael from New York, NY 5 Stars. 17 of 28
You might be successful; just don't bank on it: Not Provided from Spokane 2 Stars. 11 of 12
Trade At Your Own Risk: Otto from Vancouver, BC 1 Star. 17 of 20
I Believe His Theories Work: Jacland from China 5 Stars. 5 of 7
I have only seen his commericials, but I have an opinion...: Steve from Santa Ana, CA 3 Stars. 11 of 14
Review From Trading With Waxie: Al from NY 1 Star. 5 of 5
The Real Michael Parness: First Amendment from NY, NY 1 Star. 10 of 10
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