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Have you always wanted to be or are you already self-employed? Do you want to be or are you already an entrepreneur? Do you want to be able to flood your business with customers? Do you want an avalanche of traffic to your website? John C Sbicca is going to EXPOSE the bad boys and girls, and the weaknesses in their moneymaking business opportunities, thereby easily saving you from risk and financial ruin! JC some people call him will also give you on a silver platter the proven tips, tricks and secrets of the top offline and online marketers and their successful business opportunities! John C Sbicca started programcritique in 2004. A lot has changed online since then so please keep reading on for the purpose of this site and also how JC has mastermnded (thru JVMA which is an activity of JC Sbicca MasterMind Group) a new model that will be much more productive and helpful to the public at large for resolving complaints as well as getting top quality content for every area of business. He calls this the 7 Gem Approach. Click Here To Go To A Page To Explain The Soon To Be New And Improved ProgramCritique On Steroids! To see a current profile for John C Sbicca Click Here WhoIsJohnCSbicca.com If you are a local business in any market worldwide and want to learn how to drive an avalanche of new traffic to your business then Click Here LocalBizMarketingDone4U.com 

The vast majority of “Money Making Opportunities”, whether they be "Get Rich Quick Schemes", “Multi-Level Marketing Schemes”, “Start-Up Business Opportunities”, (either at home or otherwise) “Franchise Opportunities”, “Internet Opportunities”, “Real Estate Schemes”, Investment Schemes”, “Business Acquisition Opportunities”, "Asset Protection Structures", are either not profitable, ethical or just pushing the envelope too far and are either illegal or very close to being illegal.  

Over 90% of these so-called “OPPORTUNITIES” are bogus!!!..or have serious shortcomings!!! John C Sbicca is going to expose these programs right in this website. He will even tell you which opportunities turned out to be real. You'll find a plethora of critique/reviews, 1,600 plus on ProgramCritique.com and 20,000 plus public critiques/reviews of the most popular Business Opportunities, Work At Home Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities, Offline and Online (Internet) Marketing Techniques (Opportunities) within this site. The names of the folks that own these companies are even listed and reviewed within this website. Just click on the area of interest and protect yourself! 

John C. Sbicca within this website unveils the appalling truth about these so called “Business Opportunities” and their never ending lies and marketing deceptions. However, on a positive note he will be revealing the “Top Opportunities and their hush-hush marketing secrets that are guaranteed to change your life for the better! Over the last 28 years he has researched literally thousands of the different offers you've probably seen in magazines, T.V., and more recently on the net. He has spent his hard earned money on dozens of these and to little or no avail. The last one was to the tune of $2,500.00. You can read about this under C.A.N. Systems, owner Rawney Mcvaney.(master bad boy) JC thinks he must have sucker stamped across his forehead. 

You are probably saying to yourself…yeah this guy is a sucker he is giving FREE information to save his proverbial BACKSIDE! He is doing this because after 28 years in business he is sick and tired of being jerked around, lied to, stolen from, led down the proverbial path of BULLCHAVICK (a Johnism for you know what) by all these so called business GURUS who just too often turn out to be fraudsters, con-men, con-women, scam artists, etc. This stuff is everywhere, and for opportunity seekers we encounter a never-ending sea in Magazines, TV, Newspapers, the Internet. Read about how John C Sbicca had $1,000,000 stolen from him in 1999 by a con man by the name of Scott Yoshizumi in the alleged Bank-Debenture Business. Ouch! This hurt a lot of people. 

John C Sbicca was raised in the shoe business and straight out of college worked for his family business. That is a real whopper of a story of greed and family destruction. In any event he left the family business after 3 years and went out on his own and has been self-employed since. (Major Entrepreneur) John has enjoyed the heights of exhilaration and the depths of despair. His problem is he wants to believe people.  people. (he laughingly says he probably needs a good therapist) Throughout John C Sbicca's 20’s, 30’s and 40's... and yes (although JC hates to admit it) now into his 50's JC has always said to himself that someone needs to protect the public from all of these con artists, these pathalogical liars. So many of them have no conscience and suck you in with false hope and promises.
Lord only knows that the regulators are swamped and really do not have the time to properly protect the public. So John C Sbicca finally decided to take action and do his part to expose all the scammers and con artists for what they are. John's life has been characterized by being scammed on many occasions so he views his job job as a testing ground if you will, and research as many of these Business Opportunities as he and his staff can. By spending time and money on finding out who is naughty or nice, John can can help you save your money from loss and getting coal in your stocking for Christmas.

He is taking a bullet for you! He gets threats and take the heat every day from people and or companies that do not like the truth being exposed to the public about some of their business practices and or their opportunities. They have over the years counter attacked with lawsuits, threatening attorneys letters, lying on line about him, posting complete fabrications to attempt to discredit him, but lucky for you he is willing to do this! It is not that you may make money with them it is more that they do not like anyone expressing their opinions and or experiences if they are negative. 

The point is this: You could spend a small fortune testing all these different Business Opportunities out for yourself. Like JC, you'd probably find out that 90% plus do not work. When I say do not work I mean even after you do everything that you are told by the literature or a mentor and you do not make any money profitably. JC has learned in his life that all opportunities take time, money and expertise. But naturally there is no guarantee. But for cryin out load you should at least be able to make money profitably if you have the correct mix of time, money and expertise. Unfortunaly, this is just not the case with the vast majority of opportunities. Every opportunity that he helps others get to know he actually successfully uses on a dailey basis profitably. How else can you really help someone to be successful? 

John c Sbicca has spent his adult life buying and testing and starting a number of different Business Opportunities and consequently making fortunes and losing them. Yes, and now JC is making a living out of testing and researching these various Business Opportunities so he can educate and inform the public which ones actually "DO" work. He wants everyone to know which Business Opportunities actually will make you an income you can live on. The most important point is he wants to let you know which ones didn't pass the test! With the new and improved programcritique you will get the absolute optimum in this regard. JC is very excited about the launching of ProgramCritique new and improved and on steroids! 

John has already put in thousands of hours and spent an enormous amount of money to bring you timely and money saving information. And since hundreds of new Business Opportunities come out every month, he will continue testing and critiquing the newest Business Opportunities to hit the market. 

You don't need to waste anymore of your time or money because the answers are all right here in this website. And there is no charge to read any of the critiques or reviews you'll find at this website! We built this website to educate and inform the public about which Business Opportunities to avoid and which ones actually produced a rock solid income. 

If you find that he is missing a critique or review on a certain Business Opportunity or marketing technique, or you would like to send him your experience with a particular Business Opportunity please email or call him to let him know the name of it and he'll review it for you. Let him spend time and money...why because this is what he loves to do and to test Money-Making Systems and Business Opportunities. Why? Because when he's done reviewing, he will just add them to this website. 

Currently, John C Sbicca is making a tremendous income by using the methods from the top performing Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities and Marketing Techniques he has found that work! Although he will let you know what these are, he will also let you know of the 90% plus that do not work. So, put something comfortable on, kick your shoes off and read, read, and read some more to protect yourself. Come back often for updates, by ProgramCritique.com, the public, and discover the hottest money making opportunities available today. John C Sbicca is in this for the long haul. 


Disclaimer: These reviews are for educational purposes only. The reviews given here are personal opinions, and other people might have different views on the products reviewed on this website. You should make any buying decisions based on your own judgment. No guarantees of income potential are given or implied; such income potential is dependent on your own skills and resources. We may receive commission or revenue from any service or product that is purchased through this site.


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