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Offline Gurus - Bob Proctor

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Bob Proctor is a motivational guru who has changed the lives of many people with his thought-provoking ideas. However, if you see him as a route to earn quick money through the Internet you need to think again about it. He was a dropout in the tenth grade and since then had been hopping from one job to another until he was introduced to the Napolean Hill classic “Think and Grow Rich”. It is since then that the man has not turned back and after he met Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant, he rose himself to the heights of the Vice President of Sales at Nightingale-Conant.

Bob Proctor’s theories are not clear when it tries to teach you ways to earn money. His theories are more motivational that can encourage you to be rich but if you want the answer in ‘how’ you need to search for yourself. His commercials are also misleading and vague. Again, Bob Proctor has more emphasis on the spiritual side with focus on productivity and personal self-image that are remotely connected with the procedure of making money on the Internet.  To make money you need to make an extensive research about money-spinning websites, information and marketing tools that the Internet guru like Bob Proctor has completely missed.

Bob Proctor has worked with many companies like Prudential Insurance, Re/Max International, Metropolitan Life, Malaysia Airlines, IBM, Keller Real Estate, and Hayes Wheels. He has worked great as the motivator in these companies in providing custom training to more than a thousand salespeople. He gave them strategies to improve and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. In his first seminar, Bob Proctor made the productivity of the company shoot up and since then he has been revered as a motivational guru.

Bob Proctor has succeeded as a motivational guru right from his job in the Prudential Insurance Company to all the big names he was connected with. He is a business consultant, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, counselor, and motivator with an aim to make everyone achieve his potential. However, if you read Bob Proctor in an effort to make quick money through the Internet then you are putting your endeavors in the wrong direction. For this purpose, there are other promising marketing gurus to be consulted with as he deals more with encouraging and motivating you then to give some worthwhile tips on how to make money on the Internet.

Customer Reviews for Bob Proctor:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Best of the Best: Todd Herman from Edmonton, AB CAN 5 Stars. 48 of 67
Bob Proctor's Mentoring Pushes Life-Long Success and Change: April Morelock from Indiana 5 Stars. 47 of 54
Do Not Invest In Personalized Coaching With Bob Proctor: S. Lan from US 2 Stars. 80 of 84
Bob Proctor is Full of Pyramid Schemes and Deceptive Marketing: Anonymous from 1 Star. 74 of 79
The Cost of What Bob Proctor Charges Does Not Equal Its Value: Anonymous from USA 2 Stars. 78 of 80
Bob Proctor Is An Infrigement On THE SECRET: Krystyn from Luck, WI 1 Star. 8 of 15
Bob Proctor Programs: A Total SCAM!: Meggie from Toronto, Canada 1 Star. 26 of 26

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