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Offline Gurus - Dave Ramsey

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Dave Ramsey, born in East Tennessee in 1960, grew up in Nashville. He holds a B.S. degree in Finance and real estate from University of Tennessee. He is the founder of a real estate brokerage firm - Ramsey Investments, Inc. The company deals in bankruptcy real estate and foreclosures.

Dave Ramsey began investing in the real estate business from his twenties and had a wealth of over $1 million by his mid-twenties with a portfolio of over $4 million. In the eighties, he became bankrupt as banks began to call his mortgage notes due to slumps in real estate industry. He lost everything but learned a good lesson from his mistakes. In 1988, he started The Lampo Group, Inc. His company counseled others to stay away from bankruptcy and foreclosures of homes. He too stayed away from personal debts while acquiring real estate property.  

Dave Ramsey hosts a national-wide talk show on radio- The Dave Ramsey Show from Brentwood in Tennessee since 1992. This show teaches you to build wealth and be free of debt. It is a live call-in show broadcast to over two hundred and fifty stations all over with over two million listeners.

Dave Ramsey’s company has three major divisions- Financial Peace University Division, the Broadcast Division, and H.O.P.E. division. Financial Peace University Division is a thirteen-week video course to teach people to accumulate wealth and be out of debt. These courses are in civic organizations, churches, schools, and military with individual counseling sessions. Course material is also available in Spanish too. The Broadcast division consists of the Dave Ramsey Money Minute, The Dave Ramsey Show, and Web and eBusiness units with strategic alliances.

H.O.P.E division stands for Helping Other People Excel. This division consists of a publishing department and live events. Publishing department consists of weekly newspaper column-Dave Says and a special one to teach youth about money and savings. Dave conducts around 14-18 live events across each year. It is a five-hour teaching session attended by more than four thousand people. 

Dave Ramsey concentrates on teaching various methods for betterment of the lives of financially well-off and distressed people. His teachings are in easy steps, known as Baby Steps. He advices you to save for educational expenses of your children, pay off all debts through debt snowball method as soon as possible, build up emergency fund of around $1000 in cash and invest early in mutual funds and real estates. Dave is against borrowing money and using credit cards since his bankruptcy. Snowball method is to pay off smallest debt first and followed by next smallest debt.

Dave Ramsey also has many books to his credit like Financial Peace, Revisited, and the Total Money Makeover. Dave often appears on different cable and national network television and radio programs like CNN, the Today Show, FOX News live, The Neil Cavuto program, and National Public Radio (NPR).

Customer Reviews for Dave Ramsey:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Life Changing: Liz H. from FBG, TX 5 Stars. 0 of 0
Excellent Money Managing Techniques: Angie S. from Chicago, IL 5 Stars. 29 of 29
Living Debt Free: E. Martinez from Houston, Texas 5 Stars. 26 of 29
Dave Ramsey is Not Detailed Enough About Christ: Todd from Denver, Colorado 3 Stars. 10 of 61
David Ramsey's Advice is Oversimplified: R.E.Pannell from NE, MS,US 2 Stars. 16 of 92
AMAZING!!!: An out of debt independent from Sigel, IL 5 Stars. 2 of 3
The Total Money Makeover - Change Your Finances Forever: Michelle - Tales Untangled from Centerville, UT USA 5 Stars. 2 of 2

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