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Offline Gurus - Dean Graziosi

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

How to Profit In Any Market By Learning to Read The Real Estate Cycles


Dean Graziosi writes in his book, “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today” the same strategies Dean has been using for over 20 years, and teaching to novice real estate investors all across the United States. That book quickly became the fastest selling real estate investing book in the country and a NY Times Best seller. It is a simple, straight forward real estate investing guide for people who want to know how they can use.


Graziosi says the big TV real estate gurus are cheating honest, hard-working people who are trying to make money in real estate. They do it two different ways. First of all, they sell us millions and millions of dollars worth of real estate methods that are worthless in today's market. Sure, what they're teaching may have worked in the 80's; but, you'll get slaughtered if you try these methods today.


The second way they cheat us is, they try to keep us from finding out the best ways to make money...especially in todays vicious down market. (Since they make the majority of their money selling out-dated programs, they don't need their strategies to work.)


But, for the past 20 years Dean Graziosi has been an active real estate investor. In fact, he’s made many millions of dollars and now lives what most would consider a "dream" lifestyle. Not bad for a guy who used to be...Flat Broke and Deep in Debt! That just goes to show that this isn't rocket science. It's actually surprisingly simple when you figure it out. No, in fact, in twenty years of doing real estate, he predicts (using these methods) that he will make more in the next three years than the previous twenty years combined.


And yet, this fairly simple formula is probably something you (1) never heard anything about, or (2) have never given much consideration to the opportunity...yet...it is helping those who use it make breathtaking profits, even if they have no experience with real estate. Picture the real estate cycle as a roller coaster ride. In the beginning, you gradually climb upwards. Then you reach the top. This is where you stop going up, but you haven't started to go down yet. Suddenly, you plummet downward—the higher you are, the faster you go down. Finally, the roller coaster levels off, only to go back up and then down again.


Keeping that in mind, let's do a quick review of the different real estate cycles:


Up Cycle: In an up cycle, the demand for houses is greater than the supply. You can tell if the real estate market is in an up-cycle by how fast (or slow) properties are selling. In a really hot market, homes can sell the same day they're listed. A great strategy in an up cycle is fixing and flipping. That's where you buy a house, fix it up, and then sell it later for greater profits as prices continue to climb.


Top Cycle: At the top or peak, supply is close or equal to the demand. Because of this, prices start stabilizing. Often, when properties start taking longer to sell that indicates a market is at the peak stage. A peak cycle can be a perfect time to find motivated or desperate sellers and get a great deal on property.


3. Down Cycle: During a down cycle, supply far outstrips demand. Prices can fall quickly, but more often than not, prices just stop increasing or fall slightly. A down cycle can last for years. A little-known fact is that during this cycle condition, you can often pick up unsold new construction units at "fire sale" prices.


4. Bottom Cycle: At the bottom of the cycle, supply is very close to demand. Prices stabilize and buyers start coming back into the market, starting the cycle all over again. Usually in this situation, prices have fallen as far as they are going to and will start to rise within a few years.


If a bottom market continues for years it can turn into a prolonged bottom stage (a rare, but 5th cycle). This usually happens in small towns or cities when a large factory or big employer goes belly-up. A smart strategy in this market condition is to purchase property with no money down (because you can get them so cheap) and make money by renting them out for positive cash flow.


Basically, it's not difficult to be extremely successful doing this. You just have to understand what cycle the market is in and then use the right strategy to make money. That's why...the purpose of Dean’s books and study programs is to teach you how to read market cycles with the precision of a Swiss watch and then, use the right strategy to make staggering profits.

Customer Reviews for Dean Graziosi:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Horrible: Clemons from Detroit 1 Star. 41 of 68
My First Review of Dean Graziosi.: Josh from California 4 Stars. 76 of 208
Less then honorable!: John from Philadelphia, PA 1 Star. 31 of 62
Dean Graziosi Is Real With You, He Tells You Like It Is.: Josh from California 3 Stars. 87 of 158
Common Sense: Emily from Arlington, VA 1 Star. 28 of 30
Think Twice Before Purchasing: Mike Chilando from Nashville TN 1 Star. 2 of 2
Boiler Room Operation: Jay Quigly from Olympia Washington 1 Star. 47 of 49
Dean Gramzillopmi Swore at me!: Jane Crammy from California 1 Star. 1 of 2
Wonderful Program: Dedicated American from USA!! 5 Stars. 47 of 60
Dean's Program Worked For Me!: Danny A. from Provo, UT 5 Stars. 97 of 105
This Is The One That Worked For Me!: Nate J. from Little Rock, AR 4 Stars. 23 of 30
Four deals so far!: Rick T. from St. George, UT 3 Stars. 35 of 43
If you use the information it works!!!: Jamie Williams from Spokane, Washington 5 Stars. 7 of 10
I went from earning 30k to $850,000 this year. Thanks Dean!: White Mercedes from Glendale AZ 5 Stars. 50 of 77
Dean Graziosi Has Some Good Information: Anonymous from San Diego, CA USA 4 Stars. 13 of 26
Dean Graziosi Makes Huge Money With Real Estate Foreclosures: Paul B Schlimme from Cherry Hill NJ / Bensalem PA 1 Star. 2 of 2
Dean Graziosi's Book : Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Joe Polish, President Piranha Marketing, Inc. from Tempe, AZ 5 Stars. 109 of 128
Dean Graziosi Will Help You Make Thousands From Home: Jessica Lott from Las Vegas, NV USA 4 Stars. 50 of 56
Single Mom of 4 Buys Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Swredlady from NYC 5 Stars. 16 of 42
Dean Graziosi Offers an Amazing Product: Cathy L. from Sacramento, California 5 Stars. 10 of 26
Dean Graziosi Many Glaring Misconceptions: Terry Morris from USA 2 Stars. 4 of 16
Buyers Beware: Barbara Mathews from New Mexico 3 Stars. 7 of 7

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