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Offline Gurus - Don Lapre

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Don Lapre is the king of info commercials and has dominated the television industry for over a decade. His pleasant and charming looks add much hype to his commercials. He motivates you through his speeches and makes everything sound very simple. However, he does not offer any new marketing ideas and all his information is very old and outdated.

Don Lapre’s course looks like a long sales letter. He does not dwell much on moneymaking techniques. Instead, he tries to induce you into buying products that are more expensive. The moneymaking concepts, which he discusses in his books, were perfect for the eighties and nineties. They are no longer useful for this century. His famous marketing concepts are to place numerous small ads in small newspapers throughout the country. He also writes and talks about reminder services, government auctions, and 900 numbers. All these concepts are now useless and do not earn you a penny. His writings are just not impressive. He often says in his commercials that he started using ads in newspapers from his small one room apartment in his early days. These ads over the years have fetched him many thousands of dollars.

Most of Don Lapre’s books are like magazines rather than manuals for moneymaking methods or techniques. They just give you a list of over three hundred newspapers and addresses. You have to place your classified ads in these newspapers and you find money coming in from all quarters. You need to pay around $15 to $40 for placing a classified ad. Besides, you pay more for ads during weekends and the cost escalates with an increase of words.

The main essence of the ad is to sell your product through such an ad. You detail your product, the cost of the product and its utility to your customer through such an ad. Such classified ads do not evoke much interest in people. Instead, if you sell your information free to customers or inform them about the product through your website, it may yield good results. People will not be interested in sending you money because of your classified ads. Similarly, Don’s 900 numbers was also not very successful. People were not interested in buying anything from his 900 number business.

Although Don filed for bankruptcy in 1999, he came back soon again with his info commercials. He probably made lots of money through his commercials within a few years. However, his books and products lack content. Only newcomers to Internet Marketing get into his lovely talks and buy his products. Experienced marketers know the uselessness of his product. Rather, many people are bitter about their experiences with Don. None of his ideas or opportunities can earn anything for you.

Customer Reviews for Don Lapre:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Junk!: R. Kennedy from Pomona, USA 1 Star. 59 of 70
Most People Are Lazy......: Ken from Tennessee 5 Stars. 68 of 95
900 rip-off: John from USA 1 Star. 64 of 71
Mr. Lapre is a Marketing Genius/that's it...: Lisa Alexander from Tampa, FL 2 Stars. 81 of 89
Don Lapre Infomercial Presents a Scam of an Opportunity: B. Currie from Dayton, Ohio USA 1 Star. 3 of 3
Don Lapre Gives You Ideas Which You Have To Implement: Alex from Pennsylvania 5 Stars. 0 of 0

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