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Offline Gurus - Jeff Paul

Number of Customer Reviews for Jeff Paul: 33
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Jeff Paul is a well-known name in the world of direct marketing who used to carry ads in Entrepreneur and Success magazines. His famous book "How I make $4,000 a day sitting at my kitchen table in my underwear", as the name conveys deals with teaching you how to make quick bucks while sitting at any place of your choice. Earlier he used to look down on online marketing by treating the Internet as a bunch of kids but now the situation has changed and he can himself see the success of Internet marketing and the quick money it is making.

His earlier book was a failure because it did not have sufficient information on the point that he was trying to sell. Rather it was the inducement to make you buy his second book for the cost of around $200. Moreover, the information contained in the book was not new and was very lengthy so that you needed to sit at a stretch to avail the guarantee given with the book. Even those who decided to return the book and get their money back had to fight hardy to get their money back.

The content of the book is old and not in accordance to the needs of today’s marketing world. Many people have complained about the tall claims in the book to make money but the truth is the other-way-round.  Moreover, after the order is given a phone call is received by the buyer for an offer to pay $5,000 to "help you get up and running". Therefore, the book does not have anything new in it to induce you to buy it.

In his program "Kitchen Table Millionaire's Club”, coaching is given by various experts on how to be a millionaire. However, the question arises that if the tips offered by these knowledgeable experts are of so much value why did not they use these tips for themselves instead of working for the trifle sum of $10 per hour. It becomes hard to swallow that someone teaches you how to walk when the other person is himself limping.

The tips given by Jeff Paul were good when they were new in the 1990s but now the time has changed and you need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Customer Reviews for Jeff Paul:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
I feel like we have been ripped!: Patty from Omaha Ne 1 Star. 667 of 856
Jeff Paul & Mentoring of America is a Bummer?: Bob White from Pasadena, Ca. 1 Star. 1023 of 1041
A BIG SCAM: George from Saginaw, Michigan 1 Star. 777 of 791
Shady Business: Crystal from Plymouth, MI USA 1 Star. 543 of 565
Jeff Paul: Work The Program And Win: Richard from San Franciso, CA USA 5 Stars. 178 of 352
Highly Recommended: Joe from WA 5 Stars. 188 of 347
Jeff Paul - Hold On To Your Wallet!: RB from OKLA 1 Star. 439 of 451
Jeff Paul - I lost $4,880.00 plus...: Mieko Bertrand from Spokane, WA USA 1 Star. 539 of 553
Misleading tactics drained my account and spirit: Joyce from Salt Lake City 1 Star. 321 of 328
No Limits To What Jeff Paul will do!: Sharon from Florida 1 Star. 249 of 274
Jeff Paul Mentoring Sent A Collection Agency After Me.: Bob from NJ 1 Star. 276 of 280
I smell a RAT!!: Richard Brooks from Detroit, MI 1 Star. 217 of 225
Marketing for Complete Morons (or maybe aliens...): Lucky Norman from Tucson, Arizona 1 Star. 266 of 275
Useless Customer Service.: C. Johnson from Olympia WA 1 Star. 138 of 143
Jeff Paul: Sales Slips In Recurring Charges: Ambisfree from Vancouver, WA, USA 1 Star. 102 of 105
Recurring Credit Card Charges Plague Jeff Paul: Chuck from Asheville, NC 1 Star. 17 of 17
Jeff Paul Representative Was Rude on the Phone: Cheryl from Michigan 2 Stars. 2 of 2
Jeff Paul Put Out a Realistic Program With Solid Principles: Steve F from Montreal QC, Canada 4 Stars. 15 of 23
Lost Money with Jeff Paul: Bea from Lewisburg, WV 1 Star. 49 of 53
Cheeky Outlook On Jeff Paul Strikes a Chord: Anonymous from California 1 Star. 9 of 10
Too Much Personal Information Was Needed From Jeff Paul: Anonymous from Cumming, Georgia 1 Star. 16 of 20
Beautiful Women Help Sell Jeff Paul's Products: C. Weaver from York, Pa 1 Star. 29 of 30
Don't Believe What Jeff Paul Says on Television: Doris Franks from Watonga, OK 1 Star. 63 of 63
The Verdict Is Out On Whether Jeff Paul Delivers the Goods: Connie from New Hampshire 2 Stars. 17 of 29
Jeff Paul's Three Clicks To Get YOUR Cash: Bob from Tucson, AZ 1 Star. 72 of 73
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