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Offline Gurus - Ken Silver

Number of Customer Reviews for Ken Silver: 9
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Ken Silver mainly propagates about a lotto system and teaches you how to win a lotto system. Mr. Ken Silver describes his program as the “Honest Lotto System”. It is yet another get rich lotto system. Ken Silver asserts that he has got a "little known secret formula" that can help to forecast the winning numbers for different lotteries around the world.

However, I believe that there is no such subsistence of a “lotto system” or an “honest lotto system” for that matter. It is the time for you to notice, because you can hardly beat a game that completely relies on a chance. You need to look at this impartially. Can anyone forecast an occurrence that entirely depends on a chance? Moreover, if there was a fault in the software programmed to run a lotto system, will the lottery agencies or governments running the shows not fix it when somebody claims to have won using this system?

In no doubt, Ken Silver will tell you that his secret mathematical formula will facilitate you to win the lotto. The lottery system is known as one of the most advanced systems with millions of dollars at stake to different governments and agencies. However, if there were a mathematical formula or trick to win the lotto system, the lottery boards would have plugged the gap. No mathematical nerd or expert is going to outmaneuver it in any situation.

Clearly, Ken Silver is a rapacious person, who is taking advantage of people’s frantic optimisms to win the jackpot. There is no reward to guess that many people who claim to have won using his “honest lotto system” would have purchased lottery tickets without his system.

Keep this fact in mind that lotto systems more often than not fail. So, do not buy into the idea that the “Honest Lotto System” can help you win a jackpot. Ken Silver’s hype of a secret mathematical formula will only lose you money. If this secret mathematical formula is so successful, then why does he charge only $39.99 for this?

If I had a secret to winning the lotto system, do you think I would only charge forty dollars for this?  Moreover, if it could help me win millions of dollars, why would I share this secret mathematical formula with anyone? I would either charge thousands of bucks or maybe not even share it at all with anyone.

I believe it is always better to spend your money on something that has a reasonable chance to transform your life.  Therefore, I do not recommend Ken Silver and his “Honest Lotto System” or any other lotto systems in subsistence.

Customer Reviews for Ken Silver:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Ken Silver Needs a Lesson in Refunds: Robert from USA 1 Star. 86 of 93
No Results and No Refund!: HG Abel from Ontario, Canada 1 Star. 33 of 33
No Response, No Refund, shame On You Ken Silver: Carmen Pisani from Malta 1 Star. 9 of 10
No Product: Carolyn from USA 1 Star. 3 of 3
Ken Silver And Is Anybody Like Me Not Winning?: Paul from Australia 1 Star. 10 of 11
Used Excel And Results: John from Alberta, Canada. 1 Star. 4 of 4
2 Stars For Correspondence/Communication: L. J. Thorn from Tennessee 2 Stars. 1 of 1
Win Some Lose Some: Lolley Preston from Mesa AZ 3 Stars. 1 of 1
Ken Silver's Lottery Systems Are False They Do Not Work!: Kennith from Australia 1 Star. 3 of 4

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