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Offline Gurus - Raymond Aaron

Number of Customer Reviews for Raymond Aaron: 10
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Raymond Aaron’s literature claims that he has been teaching his true wealthprinciples in for over twenty years. With programs like The Monthly Mentor, Chicken Soup For The Soul, The Wealth Creator Source, and The Success Workshop, many of Raymond’s clients have increased their net worth. Raymond believes that, with proper guidance, we can each create a highly profitable business, doing what we love and providing an honest service in our community.

One of Mr. Aaron’s clients had the following to say:

“Unlike 99% of other seminar swines, Raymond Aaron doesn't spend every calorie of his energy to suck you into buying something of his. Raymond is not a phony. He is quite down- to-earth and even offers his course for a big discount for return students. He is simply NOT another money-grubbing SOB. Unfortunately, it is his course that's the problem. His course, though quite conservative, could land you in a desperate situation.

However, the nice thing is that Raymond's presentation is articulate and exciting. This is more than you can say about others in the seminar business. They need to attend a Raymond Aaron seminar - not for the real estate, but on speech delivery! I recommend spending the time to attend his seminars, but avoid spending a dime on his course. Give him a listen. 80% will be stories, 20% will be real estate.

Ray fails his real estate exam, but gets a C+ on his articulation and philosophy exam. Though I don't recommend Ray's course, but if you're going to spend a dime, it's better than the others. It's almost worth the money, time and energy. The best thing is to rummage around the Internet and use your own common sense and creativity with real estate. Those elements are important in real estate.

I went to one of Raymond Aaron's seminars a couple of months ago for his monthly mentor program. It sounded like a good idea, but would cost $200 a month for a 17 month contract.”

It appears that Mr. Aaron has some good information. However, in light of the above client’s comments I would not recommend him at this time. As always you be the judge and if you decide to proceed with him in any capacity please forward to me your experiences.

Customer Reviews for Raymond Aaron:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Very Lively Speaker: Clay from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 4 Stars. 61 of 72
Monthly Mentor Member: David Barrett from Vancouver, BC Canada 4 Stars. 100 of 116
Raymond Aaron - Real Estate Guru: Dave Chappelle from Niagara Region, ON 4 Stars. 16 of 20
Raymond Aaron - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Anonymous from Toronto, Canada 1 Star. 86 of 99
Raymond Aaron Monthly Mentor Plan is Sketchy: Anonymous from Los Angeles 1 Star. 31 of 34
Hindsight: Sandra from D.C. 5 Stars. 7 of 11
Beware! Raymond Aaron Is Scary: James from San Jose, CA 1 Star. 27 of 28
Amazing Program But You Can Get Most Of It For Free!: Jennifer C Taylor from London, England 4 Stars. 6 of 6
Saw him in Calgary: TS from Edmonton 2 Stars. 7 of 7
Used to work with him: Henry from Cambridge 2 Stars. 8 of 9

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