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Offline Gurus - Russ Whitney

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

It never ends! Russ Whitney is yet another self proclaimed no money down real estate guru.

The more time I spend researching these different gentlemen the more I am convinced of the psychological torture that they put people thru in that they play upon your hopes and dreams to get money out of your pocket. They get you all excited that you can do something that very rarely is done.

They get you believing that you have some hidden secret and that all of the real estate professionals out there are just idiots and WOW you know more. Only to be deflated when you wake up from the ether and or the reality check when you go out and pretend that you are a real estate investor.

The following are some experiences of others in regards to Mr. Whitney and his programs:

1)I attended a Russ Whitney seminar in Reno NV last August and was taken for $1,590 in the process. It was 3 days of commercials for the WIN Boot camps that cost anywhere from $6,000 to $28,000!! The speaker was "Doc" Blake (real slick) who is nothing other than a sham artist. He deferred questions ultimately not answering many of them.

Eight of us who attended have stayed in touch. All are extremely disappointed and angry. My attempts to rectify any of this with the Whitney group have been fruitless. Several of us received a letter stating that they were aware that things in Reno were not run so well so they offered ANOTHER 3 day seminar in October to those who wanted to attend. I received my letter 2 days before the scheduled seminar, not that I would have gone anyway.

I wrote to a Stephanie Whiffen at Russ Whitney's office thanking her for the offer but told her that I had such a terrible experience the first time around that I couldn't imagine going through that again. I sent back all of my seminar materials (many untouched). They refused the package and sent it back to me with postage due. The whole experience with Russ Whitney has been a nightmare. I would recommend to anyone who is considering attending one of his promotions to steer clear at all costs.

They employ every trick in the book including deception, bait and switch, false advertising and flat out lying. Caveat emptor. They are quick to take your money but don't give a damn about you. We are now in touch with the 20/20 news magazine with hopes that they will look into this guy.

One last note, Doc Blake actually told our group to take two items when going to inspect a vacant property; 1) a marble to see whether the floors were level and 2) a hammer which would come in handy if when carrying it in your hand you just happened to slip and break a window. Voila, instant entry if doors and windows are locked. That is the honest to God truth!!!!”

2)I have had some experience with Russ Whitney. I bought his book, Building Wealth and his tape course. I can't talk about how the information worked for me because I never did go out and try to buy a home but I feel my comments may be of value.

Whitney's book contains numbers that make real estate look very profitable. He recommends starting a property management company and says this technique made him over $100,000 a year. His course contains some of the same exact numbers from the book (the one example of numbers for a house you can make money from that is in the course is directly lifted from the book).

He talks about his bird dog program where he says he will put up money for deals that his students around the country will bring him. He talks about one young man he did this with who was able to make more money from the house in income than he had been making at his job.

Whitney recommends some ethically questionable techniques like lying to your banker. I learned later that lying to your banker is not questionable. It is unethical, immoral, and illegal—a felony. He teaches a technique similar to one in Carleton Sheets course which involves building up a line of credit at a number of banks by opening a savings account, borrowing against the money in the savings account and paying the loan off early. The idea is that after doing this a couple of times, you will build credit experience with the bank and the bank will allow you to borrow money unsecured.

In turn, you can use this unsecured loan to make a down payment on a property. The part where he advocates lying is when the banker asks you why you want to borrow against money you have in a savings account. He says your answer should be something like, "I want to use the money to pay some bills.”

If I remember correctly, the tapes that come with the course are pretty much a repeat of what's in the manuals but there may be some different information on them. The numbers he shows look really good and the logical conclusion of reading his book is that it is pretty easy to make a fortune in real estate. The heart of the course involves buying cosmetically distressed properties from distressed sellers and cleaning them up.

Whitney says you can increase the home significantly, in the example he gives he invests something like $2000 in cosmetic improvements like painting and cleaning, and increases the value of the home by something like $10,000 or $20,000. From my mother's experience in buying rental properties (20 of them), I would have to conclude that investing in real estate is much harder than Whitney makes it seem and the numbers are almost never as good as he portrays them.”

If you are going to get any of his information, buy it for pennies on the dollar second hand and only buy it if you are going to invest in real estate. This then would only be to build up your library of information and knowledge. The truth is however, that real estate investing is very detailed and complicated and you need to develop a network of people around you so that you can realistically make money.

I would definitely not recommend his courses or seminars, it’s just too much money and you can get that information elsewhere for a lot less.

I am a real estate investor and all I can tell you is that you need to develop a network of people that you work with who can make you strong where you are weak. If you are being mentored by another individual or group or have gone thru course after course and have tried to succeed but are finding it difficult give me a call at 760-931-4770 or e-mail me at John@jcsbicca.com and I will discuss with you my program. I have money available for gap financing and fix up so that you can succeed. I already have 40 students that I am helping. These are not my students but another company that specializes in mentoring. My capacity is limited so I am very selective. So contact me to see if you qualify.

Customer Reviews for Russ Whitney:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Some Of Russ Whitney's Stuff Works...: Anonymous from Orlando, FL 3 Stars. 117 of 137
10 Months To Get A Refund: G M from Ireland 1 Star. 70 of 77
Waste Of Money!: Sean A from USA 1 Star. 43 of 54
Just Milk, No Meat and Potatoes: TF from USA 1 Star. 32 of 36
Bad Actor!: A.C.. from San Francisco, Ca 1 Star. 42 of 44
Real Estate Investing Is Not For Everybody: Jonathan Brown from Toronto, On, CAN - Louisville,KY, USA 3 Stars. 61 of 70
Upselling Artist! No Value To Me!: Ken from Jefferson City MO. 1 Star. 35 of 37
So Glad I Read This!: Ericka from Indianapolis, IN 1 Star. 22 of 28
Not Fooled, Glad I Researched: Mike from Ottawa,ON,Canada 1 Star. 47 of 56
Swell & Slick: Wiser Witness from S.F. Bay Area, California 1 Star. 36 of 41
Great motivator though!: Gerr from Baltimore, MD 3 Stars. 43 of 47
Russ Whitney In Court: Anonymous from Noth Carolina USA 1 Star. 115 of 130
Great Horse & Pony Show: Mr. S from Queens NY 1 Star. 41 of 44
Seminar Review: Not a Fraud! from Yakima, Washington 1 Star. 60 of 65
I'm Glad I Found This Site. Thanks everyone!: Armed and Dangerous from Alabama 1 Star. 23 of 26
He and his group are hard to get a hold of anytime!: Markus Burnaby from Markusin Burnaby 3 Stars. 21 of 22
Just attended Russ Whitney's three day course, save your money: B from San Diego, CA 1 Star. 83 of 87
Russ Whitney: So Far Not So Bad: Sue from Chicago,IL 2 Stars. 24 of 36
Russ Whitney: Condescending Approach To Shaming You Into Investing: Jacq from London, Ontario Canada 1 Star. 47 of 52
An Almost Waste of Time: Roger Nordquest from Sebastian, FL 2 Stars. 37 of 37
Bait and Switch Whitney Package: Lisa T. from Los Angeles, California 1 Star. 2 of 3
Russ Whitney DOES Work, but Patience is Required: Mark from Austin, TX 4 Stars. 5 of 6
Paralysis of Analysis: Russ Whitney Doesn't Make Sense: N. Nishikawa from Oahu, HI 1 Star. 1 of 1
Beware of Russ Whitney Seminars That Want Your Money: Anonymous from USA 2 Stars. 2 of 2
Russ Whitney Has Been Doing Some Damage in Minnesota: Anita from St. Cloud , MN 1 Star. 1 of 1
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