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Offline Gurus - Tony Robbins

Number of Customer Reviews for Tony Robbins: 21
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Anthony Robbins has propounded the theory of neuroassociative conditioning. He has based this theory on neurolinguistic programming. He is a well-known writer and motivational speaker. He has the laurel of authoring some of the best-selling books such as Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power. The available tape programs are titled as Get the Edge, Lessons in Mastery, Personal Power II, etc. His seminars include active demonstration by participants who walk on hot coals barefooted by applying the psychological techniques promoted by Robbins. 

The teachings of Robbins are directed towards achieving a change of emotional state by working on the body’s psychology and altering it. He asks the participants specific questions so that the attention shifts to aspects of the human experience for creating a positive psychology. He further interrupts the limiting pattern of a person by surprising him or her with something unexpected. Conditioning behavior by monitoring it regularly is also an important aspect. Goal setting and visualizing a "compelling future" is quite significant in generating enthusiasm in a person towards achieving his or her aim. He is a vehement supporter of a vegetarian diet and puts forward the views of Dr. Robert Young to propagate the need of an alkaline diet. Robbins employs these tools to develop a constructive mindset.

Many people convinced with his ways and techniques opine that the seminars, books and tapes of Tony Robbins have brought about significant changes in governing people towards having a favorable psychology. Certainly, not everybody is convinced with his ideas and many claim that his concepts such as, measuring the energy of food into Hertz are unscientific. The critics also feel that his methods have nothing new to offer. They think that by simply providing an attractive package to the existing self-help methods cannot put Robbins on a high pedestal. They believe that Robbins resort to the use of anecdotes and hyperboles do not add to its value though it may make the package more attractive. Some even feel that his products are highly revenue-focused and while the packages seem to be marketed as complete self-development systems, Robbins seems to hold back information for promoting his seminar.

Criticism is a part of every effort and that cannot undermine his charitable works for the homeless and poverty-stricken.  Robbins has served as an adviser to many world leaders in the past twenty-five years and acclaims his authority on dealing with the psychology of negotiations, leadership, organizational turnaround and peak performance. His strategic intelligence and humanitarian endeavors deserve commendation.

Customer Reviews for Tony Robbins:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Misrepresented!: Graeme Ogden from UK 1 Star. 311 of 454
Life Will Never Be The Same Again!!!!: Jody from USA 5 Stars. 191 of 218
Hypnotism at it's BEST: Rev. Marlon Ott from Fountain Hill, AZ USA 4 Stars. 1 of 2
When Would Now Be A Good Time!: Kevin Owens from Front Royal, Va. 5 Stars. 55 of 88
A bandaid: Andrew Saint James from LONDON 1 Star. 147 of 213
Want to rent a family? Church for people who: Oscar from Chicago 2 Stars. 196 of 220
From Welfare To Millionaire: DCM from Surrey, BC, Canada 5 Stars. 160 of 179
Can't walk the talk: Tracy from San Diego 1 Star. 249 of 418
Day by day (:: J from Palo Alto CA 4 Stars. 118 of 124
Just a Pep talk!: Peter from Canada 1 Star. 37 of 103
Synical Englishman goes to TR Seminar.: Paul Andrews from London England 5 Stars. 215 of 222
Power Within Seminar Expensive And Worth Every Penny To Me!: Mark D from Concord Ca. 5 Stars. 82 of 92
The Most Amazing Experience: Lauren Osbahr from Bayonne, New Jersey 5 Stars. 33 of 57
Tony Robbins: I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Smiling!: Mary Ann from Philadelphia , Pa. 5 Stars. 30 of 46
Tony Robbins Unlimited Power Tape Set Worked for Me: Adam Khan from Baltimore, MD 5 Stars. 5 of 5
Tony Robbins Will Unleash Your Power Within: Susannah S. from Albany, NY USA 5 Stars. 10 of 10
Motivational Fleecing Hurts Tony Robbins Image: Jeff Toycen from Canada 1 Star. 34 of 36
Tony Robbins Lied About Money Back Guarantee: Lisa from Melbourne, Australia 1 Star. 23 of 28
Tony Robbins is great but with a but....: Amita from UK 4 Stars. 30 of 31
Good, but....: Ricca from Detroit, MI USA 3 Stars. 10 of 10
Money Back if Not Satisfied -LIE: Disappointed from CA 1 Star. 2 of 2

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