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Online Gurus - Bruce Berman

Number of Customer Reviews for Bruce Berman: 18
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Bruce Berman is among the less known Online and Offline marketers in the Business Opportunity field. At least that was true 12-18 months ago. Bruce has made one of the fastest starts and consequent growth in this industry that is practically second to none. He has made millions of dollars over the last several years helping others with his unique and proprietary offer, which has led to many documented testimonials of his faithful and loyal disciples that have made money using his information. This quick fame and notoriety comes at a price however because there are those that want something for nothing and consequently complain about how they have been treated. The naysayers always complain. Bottom line in this life folks if you want things to happen you have got to make them happen. We have all heard the saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink!


You will find on this website a controversial view of Bruce and no matter what you may think of him he has put a money making package together that for the price is unrivaled. If you are reading this review you have surely heard or seen one of his advertisements. He is advertising on the radio, tv, mail, email, the internet etc. If you live in Canada or the United States you can take advantage of his Free Book And CD. To check out his offer please click on the following link: FREE BOOK AND CD and start your own journey to fianancial freedom. I have taken the time to thoroughly go thru his offer and work with his company directly and because of my backround in business know without hesitation that he is the real McCoy!

Berman’s website offers a Free Book and CD. He does ask for $3.95 to help with shipping charges but he does not charge for the Book or Cd. I read his now famous book "I Got Here You Can Too" and listened to his CD. I am 47 years old and have been self emloyed my entire adult life and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you do not learn a thing or two then there is something wrong with you. I mean for $3.95 shipping ..well I think you got the picture!                   


Along with this Free Book And Cd you will also recieve a thirty day trial of his fresh off the press Agressive Wealth Series that is comprised of 8 audi cds with the following titles: 1) Being the boss, 2) Winning the financial lottery, 3) Instant Real Estate Volume 1 and 2, 4) Massive Internet Income, 5) One Line Negotiating, 6) Take Stock In Your Fianancial Future. You can listen to them and if you like them as much as I did you will be charged $99.00 dollars for them. This is by far the best money making offer and educational material on the market today from any of the top gurus. Again to check out his offer please click on the following link: FREE BOOK AND CD

Customer Reviews for Bruce Berman:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Nothing Earthshattering but all good advice within: Dave in NorCal from CA, USA 3 Stars. 216 of 344
Surprised?: Michael S from USA 1 Star. 27 of 36
Buyer Beware: John Sizemore from New York 1 Star. 89 of 94
What's up with this?: F Peltz from USA 1 Star. 43 of 46
The Berman Differential is a Poor Product: Eric M from Long Beach, CA 1 Star. 53 of 55
$99.90 mess: Tim from Seattle, WA USA 1 Star. 47 of 49
Very Deceitful: Alex Kudijaroff from Seattle, WA USA 1 Star. 33 of 33
Berman's Differential is Grinding its Gears: G. Alvar from U.S.A. 1 Star. 2 of 2
The Best Service Ever!!!!!!: Unknown from Youngstown, Ohio 5 Stars. 91 of 137
Berman Differential Works for Me: John Hancock from Santa Barbra, CA 4 Stars. 72 of 105
Bruce Berman: $10,000,000 in his 20: James Sexton from Danville IL 3 Stars. 35 of 122
Return Address: Bulldog Butch from Raleigh, NC 4 Stars. 108 of 140
Ignorant: Chris from Los Angeles, CA USA 4 Stars. 188 of 245
Bruce Berman: Read return policy before ordering...: mo mischif from MO 3 Stars. 190 of 213
Seek First To Understand: Bulldog Butch from Raleigh, NC 4 Stars. 39 of 58
An Insider: Can't Say from Newport Beach, CA 5 Stars. 153 of 167
Bruce Berman: I was a Newport Investor Too: Michael A from Newport Beach Ca 3 Stars. 71 of 138
Thank you Jessica!: Paula Ellis from Fort Worth, Texas 5 Stars. 45 of 101

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