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Online Gurus - Chris Malta

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Chris Malta is the founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands, Inc., a famous Product Sourcing Research Company on the Internet. Rather, it is the only product sourcing information publisher in the world to be an eBay Certified Service Provider. Chris is a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and has an experience of over two decades on computer systems. He is the major man behind computer network systems of many Fortune 100 companies. He has also set up websites, e-commerce server platforms, Internet and intranet facilities for many large companies.

While building business on the Internet, Chris realized that, it was useless to waste energy and money on suppliers of instant Internet businesses. They were actually intermediaries and not real wholesalers. He thereafter developed product-sourcing contacts to reach real wholesalers. Although this task was difficult and a lot of time, energy and money was necessary for identifying true wholesalers, in the end Chris made a total list of all contacts with some famous brands too. This is The Drop Ship Source Directory.

A wholesale company that ships a single product at one time directly to your Internet customer from the warehouse for you is a drop ship distributor. You need not invest anything in inventory but you make good money from such e-commerce websites. However, you need to exercise caution while choosing drop shippers, as there are many fake ones.

You can solve your problem by consulting The Drop Ship Source Directory of Chris Malta. This is a genuine and updated directory of all legal drop shippers. Chris has many true professionals researching and entering detail of only genuine drop shippers daily. Hence, all information is recent and correct with genuine links. You can use search words and keywords to locate exact product. This database has around five hundred drop-shippers with over 50,000 products. Chris charges around $70 for accessing his website to gather information about drop shippers. Chris provides a free service on the Internet. He also offers a few links to state agencies to register your business and get a Tax ID number, which saves you much energy and time.

Chris Malta is a practical and straightforward person. He believes in honest dealings. Many wholesalers have huge businesses with a chain of retailers. They hence do not find any need to advertise themselves. With the development of ecommerce, many wholesalers are realizing thes importance of home based Internet businesses. Chris and Jim Ritzel together developed The Light Bulk Wholesale Directory. This is a smaller and cheaper version of the Drop Ship Source Directory. The Market Research Wizard, another of Chris’s creations helps you to understand the pulse of the Internet market within a few minutes.

You can read Chris’s articles on Drop Shipping Wholesaling, and Product Sourcing in many languages on the Internet. He hosts a talk show with Rob Cowie on a radio show called The Entrepreneur Magazine E-Biz Radio Show.

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