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Online Gurus - Dan Kennedy

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Dan Kennedy is a marketing genius of the seventies and arguably a legend. Since he has been around even before the popularity of the fax, Internet and other technological tools, he is an expert in offline marketing. Dan has many books, courses and tapes to his credit. He is an expert consultant in marketing techniques. Most of the big marketers depend on his consultations for increasing their sales. Besides, they are sure of achieving high levels of success if they adopt Dan’s techniques. His live training events are a roaring success. People throng to his discussions and consultations. No doubt his marketing techniques work wonders for many.


Dan Kennedy has authored Prospecting Sucks, which he sells for just twenty dollars. He earns over a million dollars through the sale of his books annually. You can get around six of his books at bookstores. He is excellent in multilevel marketing. Hence, he may not figure very high on Internet Marketing. However, he can give you superb advice on how to write a fantastic sales letter. His letters generate instant and superb responses. He is a strong speaker and he has given speeches to more than 200,000 people annually. He often shares dates with other famous speakers like Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn.


Dan is an expert in teaching you to attract customers through your writings. He may not guarantee you high rankings with search engines. He offers a newsletter for $149, which pushes out the usual monotony of sales letters. He claims that it will bring in interesting writing into your sales letters. Dan is no doubt among the top marketers and writers of the marketing world. His marketing strategies are immensely useful for many businesspersons. Although he is an expert of offline marketing, he does have a website offering the same information. He stresses a systematic approach to marketing and hence, his offline techniques work wonders for online marketing also.


When you buy any of the less expensive marketing courses or systems, Dan tries to sell the expensive courses. These may cost you over a thousand dollars, which is not easily affordable by many. Dan is reluctant to accept that Internet Marketing is the key to marketing in the twenty-first century. Hence, he stresses offline marketing. However, his offline marketing techniques work fine in online marketing.


Many people feel that they can market their products. However, they either do not follow their initial plans or go in wrong directions. They may not be actually doing what they should do. Hence, Dan advises on planned strategies, which combine different marketing plans and systems. These plans are sure to yield huge profits. You do not waste time on trying to locate different means and techniques to market your products. Slowly you reach pinnacles of success in marketing and earn huge profits.

Customer Reviews for Dan Kennedy:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Dan Kennedy Did Not Helping Me Make Money: Todd from Kentucky 2 Stars. 29 of 55
Dan Kennedy Gives You Skills To Become A Great Marketer: Eric from Baltimore, MD 5 Stars. 13 of 14
Dan Kennedy Will Show You the Marketing Ropes: Ben Altadonna from California 5 Stars. 4 of 7
Great info, no warm fuuzy: Paul Sabaj from IL 4 Stars. 3 of 4
Dan Kennedy Techniques Work, If You Learn To Understand Them: JKC from Monterey, CA 3 Stars. 6 of 6
You pay him to market to you: Robert from Charlotte, NC 3 Stars. 4 of 5

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