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Online Gurus - Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has been an Internet marketer for the past nine years. He is also the author of 14 books on marketing and sales techniques. He has around a dozen online markets offering web hosting, lead generation and other web services. Lant is an excellent writer and his name is very common in Internet marketing circles. His got his early education at Harvard. He is an expert in both online and offline books outlining many marketing techniques and methods. He has inborn capacity to write books. He has been into Marketing and Media for many years and since 1993-94 has been into Internet marketing. He is a man of many things - copywriting, consulting, web businesses, and conducting and talking at seminars.


Jeffrey’s MLM Profit Center is very popular. His total web package is for around $1,700, which is higher than other similar packages. One of his main websites-World Profit offers total information about domain hosting, traffic generation, web hosting, and many more related topics. His online services are expensive as you can get other similar services at lower prices. Most of his web packages range from $1,000 to $2,000. Different search engines lead you to his main and other websites. However, his books and newsletters are excellent, concise and comprehensive. He has many credentials for his offline marketing books. Web Wealth, his latest book, is worth reading.


Lant’s web books are good for new entrants into Internet marketing. He has put in all information regarding basic services, web information, and steps for setting up web sites into his books. These can guide newcomers to Internet marketing to know all about marketing techniques on the net. Besides, Lant is an acclaimed speaker and you can learn a lot by listening to his speeches. His speeches enthrall and intrigue audiences. His speeches overrule his writings based on content.


However, Dr. Lant’s packages are not in any way different from other similar packages on the Internet. Although he is a very good author and writer, the cost of his web packages overrule all other considerations. You can get to know similar web hosting and lead generation techniques from many other websites at less expensive rates.


Some people say that Jeffrey Lant is more proficient in his offline books than online. You can read his different books, which offer immense knowledge and information. Although he incorporates his offline information into online books, you could do well by reviewing his books before paying high prices for his online packages. Some of his online products are no longer available. Hence, check out before venturing to buy. Overall, Jeffrey has greater admiration and acclaim for his offline books.


Customer Reviews for Dr. Jeffrey Lant:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Dr. Jeffrey Lant's PHD Is Doctorate Of Philosophy In Ego: Ron from California 1 Star. 59 of 70
Dr. Lant's online training is unparalleled: Ed Smith from Cambridge, MA 4 Stars. 15 of 34
Jeffrey Lant May Have a Huge Ego, but His Program is Solid: Daniel Gonzalez from Brooklyn, NY 4 Stars. 4 of 5
Past Customer: John from AZ, USA 4 Stars. 0 of 0

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