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Online Gurus - Gary Shawkey

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Gary Shawkey is an expert in Affiliate Marketing. Brian Garvin is his student. Gary is the author of Secrets to Becoming an Expert Affiliate Marketer Overnight. The book does not contain any overwhelming information about marketing and selling. There is not much content in this book. Almost no one has made any money through his books. He however, has testimonials to prove that his book is worthwhile. Nevertheless, testimonials are from already successful Internet marketers like Mark Joyner. This book is of no use to newcomers or others trying to make some money through Internet marketing. This shows that both Gary and Brian are trying to hide real or true secrets of making money through the Internet. Most of the information is available free on the Internet.


Gary Shawkey is the interviewer and Brian Garvin is the interviewee in Gary’s book. Brian first details about different methods of making money online with the help of a role model. He lists out every step for placing ads for ezines. While dealing with the next chapter, Brian answers a few questions and doubts of newcomers. Although this book provides a systematic guide to affiliate marketing, it has few takers in the market. This is due to Gary’s fraudulent practices.


Gary runs a company- Pro Money Mail. You need to promote Gary and his Pro Money Mail. However, with all your promotions, you do not receive any commissions. He does not reply to your e-mails and hence there are not many takers for this product of Gary’s. Gary also has interests in an MLM company, Excel- VarTec.


Gary also supports another program- Special Needs Children’s program. He has purchased 82 acres for the program. The money for this investment is through various interested members and parties. However, he has not launched any program beyond that and he is instead using the said premises as his personal residence. Many people from different countries have invested huge sums of money into this program. No one has received anything in return.


BizOpAlliance is another of Gary’s products. His website offers this program free to members. Gary advertises that you will get back more than your investment through this program. However, not a single member has received even a penny through BizOpAlliance. Gary is taking advantage of other’s money, although he markets on the Internet that he is trying to help you make money through his marketing techniques and programs. 


Since early 2004, people are trying to hook Gary for his misleading ads and duping acts. Although Gary lives in Ohio, the Ohio Attorney’s Office refuses to help, citing the reason that they are a small office and cannot handle such big frauds.

Customer Reviews for Gary Shawkey:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
You Will Loose Your Shirt: Alice Davidson from Rockville Center, NY 1 Star. 24 of 26
I will never do business with him again!: Michael Perel from Las Vegas, NV 1 Star. 30 of 32
GARY SHAWKEY IS A BUMMER!!!: John from Richmond, VA 1 Star. 32 of 36
Gary Shawkey Has Taken Many People For a Ride: Dove Rickett from Sayre , PA 1 Star. 7 of 8
Gary Shawkey Created False Hopes: Teresa Walruff-Appleby from Lakebay, WA 1 Star. 4 of 4
Gary Shawkey and Get Rich Quick Schemes: Katherine Laymon from Dandridge, TN 1 Star. 4 of 4

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