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Online Gurus - Jay Abraham

Number of Customer Reviews for Jay Abraham: 8
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Jay Abraham is among the most successful Internet marketers in the world. He has experience of twenty years in direct marketing and consulting. His marketing techniques are versatile and you can use his concepts for both online and offline marketing. Jay is an excellent salesperson and an inborn marketing genius. He is involved in all his techniques. This is evident during his speeches. He becomes one with them while explaining the effect of his marketing techniques. This displays his sincerity towards the application of his techniques for developing your business and earning high profits.


Jay is responsible for the marketing of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul book series. Astonishingly, only the Bible surpasses this book in the number of copies sold. However, Jay’s books are very costly and it is difficult for a newcomer to buy such books. Nevertheless, those having a steady and good income can afford to buy and gain from Jay’s books. Jay has many corporate clients. Similarly, Jays’ consulting also begins from $5,000 an hour. Some other of Jay’s books sells for similar sums. However, if you can make more than three or four times your investment, you do not lose much. Anyway, you can save a lot of money by looking up his courses on eBay. You can get courses worth $2,000 for only $200.


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An earlier set of tapes by Jay titled Your Secret Wealth was the only exception to his popular and highly ranked teachings. You need to pay $5,000 for attending Jay Abraham’s workshop. You get to attend three days of an extensive workshop from seven in the morning to nine at night. In addition, you get 20 hours of tape from the earlier workshop, 12 hours of the introduction tape and 33 hours of audiotape of the whole event, his book - Marketing Genius at Work, and another pile of books. A recent addition to Jay’s works includes a newsletter through direct mail. The cost of Jay’s books and services are very steep, however you actually pay for solid content in his books.


Jay’s marketing techniques are effective for your business. Many industries and businesspersons have benefited greatly from his teachings and have earned in the millions. You can buy some of his books second hand by paying lower costs. It is great that products of a single marketer have such great effect. He is highly successful as his products give you remarkable success in your business dealings. You learn a lot from his marketing techniques. Besides, his techniques and methods are applicable in every business, which is the main reason behind his high popularity. 

Customer Reviews for Jay Abraham:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
How to turn failure into opportunity - By Entrepreneur: Sam from Toronto, Canada 5 Stars. 28 of 74
Jay Is A Big Bag Of Wind.: Michael from Austin, Tx USA 1 Star. 148 of 201
Buy the books he got his ideas from, for less than $30: James from California 1 Star. 167 of 182
Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce, & Rich Schefren: Robert from Los Angeles, California 3 Stars. 53 of 67
Jay Abraham: Yesterday's Material Doesn't Work Today: Victor from Utah, USA 1 Star. 75 of 94
Jay Abraham's Ideas Are Good But Are They His?: Bill from Seattle, WA 4 Stars. 10 of 13
Warning About Jay Abrahams Love of Money: Chaya Zaetz from Brooklyn, New York 2 Stars. 12 of 16
Geometric Profit Growth for the Little Guy: Michael Kissinger from San Francisco, California 5 Stars. 4 of 5

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