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Online Gurus - John Cummuta

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

John Commuta tells you simple methods of doing away with debt altogether. His books guide you to get rid of all your debts within a particular period. Thereafter you can live a free life, free of any worries of repayments of debts. Your income can well manage your regular expenses and you can save some portion of your income. Notable books of John Commuta include Debt-FREE and Prosperous Living Basic Course, Transforming Debt into Wealth system, Wealth Machine: How to Start, Build, and Market a Debt-Free Business That Fits Your Life, and The Power of Perpetual Income. John Commuta has also co-developed software titled Debt Free PC automated debt-elimination software.

John Commuta, until a decade back, was living a full life, earning more than $24,000 per month. He was living in a five bedrooms apartment in Chicago and had leased an airplane and few luxury cars. Suddenly he lost everything as his business closed down. John had never thought of such a thing even in his wildest dreams. Now he only had a mountain of credit bills and debt, as he had not saved any money at all. He suddenly realized that he had only been enacting a successful lifestyle and in reality had not accomplished anything.

However, within less than a decade, John is fully debt-free. He earns from his investments and leads a peaceful life. His book Transforming Debt into Wealth teaches you methods of repaying your debts, becoming free of debts and continuing with such a status without forgoing anything. The book elaborates how to cut down on your shopping without giving up your likings. It also helps you to calculate exactly when you will be free of debts and when you could retire and lead a happy and peaceful life.

However, John’s books are at receiving end of many critical appraisals. Some people say that most of his teachings are already available on Internet. There is nothing new in it at all. Although title of book is about turning debt into wealth, John stresses on means of amassing wealth and not much is about managing debts. His books lack detail. He does not elaborate on necessary points and overall content is lacking. He stresses on the need to become an affiliate member but does not mention steps necessary to become such a member. Affiliate Marketing on Internet is a tough job.

John’s books might prove useful to some but they do not appeal to the masses. Many people want to know about ways of creating additional income and not only means of doing away with debt. It is better to take up certain basic principles from John’s books and follow methods and techniques of others to build a profitable and successful business.

Customer Reviews for John Cummuta:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
John Cummuta's Debt Advice Can Be Found for Free: J. Bell from Chicago, IL 1 Star. 567 of 622
Transforming Debt into Wealth System: Frank Alamo from California 1 Star. 666 of 838
John Cummuta is the only one that wins.: J and D from Tx USA 1 Star. 75 of 83
John Cummuta Marketing Lists Are Difficult to Escape From: JC from Boulder, CO 1 Star. 70 of 75
John Cummuta Coaching Costs Too Much to Get Out of Debt: Lynda from WI 1 Star. 132 of 134
John Cummuta Helps People to Think Critically About Credit: Maxwell from South Carolina 4 Stars. 39 of 79
John Cummuta Makes Money For Himself...Don't Get Sucked In: Bridgette from Lakewood, Ohio 2 Stars. 205 of 236
John Cummuta Has Strict Money Back Policies: Linda R from Virginia 1 Star. 62 of 70
More Ways To Get Out of Debt From John Cummuta: Louie from Little Rock, AR 4 Stars. 140 of 155
John Cummuta Manipulates To Get Your Money: Wayne Wissman from Severn, MD 1 Star. 139 of 147
John Cummuta Will Give Some Good, but Expensive Advice: John P. from Providence, RI 3 Stars. 68 of 72
Quick Customer Service Solved Problem With John Cummuta: W J Johnson from Wausau WI USA 3 Stars. 10 of 24
John Cummuta Looks At All Sides of Debt Elimination: Mary Ann from Atlanta, Ga USA 5 Stars. 60 of 84
John Cummuta SPAM Came Out of Nowhere: An from Australia 2 Stars. 31 of 36
John Cummuta is an Aggressive SPAMer.: D. Vilmos from Los Angeles 1 Star. 36 of 39
John Cummuta Helped a Doctor Pay Off Debt: Terry T from Indianapolis, IN 5 Stars. 33 of 45
John Cummuta Works For People Above the Middle Class: Sammy from Lancaster, NY 2 Stars. 34 of 39
John Cummuta is Honest: Nick from Columbus, Ohio 4 Stars. 31 of 39
John Cummuta Never Sent Me A Refund: Zena from San Antonio 1 Star. 6 of 8
Talk About Harrassment: Jen C from Conway, WA USA 1 Star. 31 of 34
Get This Information For Free! Don't Waste Your Money On John Cummuta!: Angel G. from New Jersey 1 Star. 18 of 22
I Sent John Cummuta's Books Back And They Are Still Charging Me!: Deb Smith from WSS, MT 1 Star. 16 of 17
Buyer Beware Of John Cummuta's Business Practices: Breezy Borrello from New Orleans, LA 1 Star. 29 of 33
John Cummuta Should Clean Up His Marketing Act: Allan Matthews from Key Biscayne, FL 1 Star. 12 of 14
Very Rude Customer Service: EWS from VIRGINIA 1 Star. 4 of 4
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