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Online Gurus - John T Reed

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

John T Reed has authored and published books related to the real estate business and Real Estate Investor's Monthly newsletter. PROGRAMCRITIQUE DOES NOT RECOMMEND MR. REED AND OR ANY OF HIS EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL! READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH TO SEE WHY. His books are good enough for knowing the intricacies of Real Estate Investing. He considers the advantages and disadvantages of each aspect thoroughly displaying an objective perspective. His books have a selective appeal and are directed towards educated people. They contain information about how one can boost the value of properties, and different aspects concerning tax issues. Aspects such as calculating the time value of money through a financial calculator, and depreciating one’s property, etc., find adequate attention in the books. 

The books are useful for people coming from a non-financial background. While some people have criticized John T Reed of "shameless promotion" as he mentions his West Point and Harvard MBA background others find the information more reliable because of his knowledge of the field. The argument in his favor is that each business website tries to promote its goods and services, and Reed does it in this manner. Consumers who have read his books often find it realistic. He is angry at an approach that advocates the theory of getting "rich quick”. He opines that books advocating such strategies only make the author rich while you lose money on them. His book on the way to write "How-to" books deals with it. He tells you how the experts prey on beginners in the real estate business and you have to be cautious in entering it. 

The fact that John T Reed has not invested in any real estate business for the last twenty-one years sometimes work against him. He argues that as he is not involved in any real estate transaction, he can tell his readers about many of its negative aspects without inhibitions. Reed believes that the real estate business cannot have positive cash flow as almost every rental property has a negative cash flow feature. To have positive cash flow one has to buy in the rare market where normally high cap rates occur. These markets are the severely depressed ones such as Oklahoma City during the decade of the 80’s. In such typical situations, the tenants are willing to pay more money for the rental property than for owning it. 

John T Reed is a full-time writer who searches out for actual case history covering different issues. This helps you in knowing about the different aspects, problems and pros concerning the real estate business. While Reed’s work may deal with various negative aspects of the real estate business, it may help you to ward off the negativities.

ProgramCritque does not recommend Mr. Reed because of the attack that he levied on John C Sbicca the owner of ProgramCritique. Although he has seemingly built a small successful business Mr. Reed is a complete hothead and although he is highly educated in real estate and has written a number of books on that subject Mr Reed; in life he comes across emotionally and relationally a very small  person. ProgramCritique has had a very good review of Mr. Reed as noted above, and although that is the case he seems to find within himself to resort to name calling, impuning Mr. Sbicca's character, and levying false accusations. This is the business model that Mr. Reed has adopted. He literally disparages legitimate companies with products and services that have helped cumulatively infinately more people in successfully investing in Real Estate than he would ever hope to do. himself. He speaks with forked tongue if you will. All the while suggesting that he is the real Mccoy of investing with no current legitimate proof of either himself or his customers proving success with real estate investing. l. ProgramCritique has helped 100's of 1000's of people over the years by putting up the truth on various programs that has saved many people from spending their hard earned money unwisely. There are many books on the exact topics that Mr. Reed has written about and would best serve the public to buy them from a business person/company that is rational and level headed and does not resort to childish name calling tactics because he is having a tantrum. Good luck Mr. Reed!

Customer Reviews for John T Reed:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
John T. Reed has no knowledge of investing in real estate.: Mike Waller from Los Angeles, CA 1 Star. 5 of 12
Real Estate Investment Resume - Not Impressive: TD from Charlotte, NC 1 Star. 7 of 10
If You Like The Harsh Truth Then Contact John Reed: Steve Patrick from Dallas, TX 3 Stars. 9 of 13
John T Reed Gives Solid Advice About RE Investment: Doug Schulz from Redmond, Oregon 5 Stars. 11 of 11

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