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Online Gurus - Neil Shearing

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Neil Shearing is the mastermind behind many Internet products and services like Internet Success Letter, Internet Success Diamonds, Internet Success Spider, Internet Success Interviews, Internet Success Blueprint, Internet Success Private Member Site, Scam Free Zone, and Yahoo Exposed. He is a true master of the Internet and guides you to utilize the internet and reap maximum benefits.


Neil Shearing lives in England with his wife Linda and his son Adam. He has a PhD from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland in cancer research. Neil has also worked in the labs at Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, and Toledo before coming to Dundee.


Neil Shearing started the Internet Success Letter, which has more than fifty thousand subscribers. He is the editor of Scam Free Zone, which guards you against many online frauds. This consumer protection website helps you to fight against many online swindles and provides solutions. The Scam Free Zone is very successful and is among the top 6,000 websites in traffic generation.


The Internet has always held Neil’s fascination. He delves deep into the Internet and its devices. He uses them for writing and selling information about different products and software. His e-books on various topics provide much information. He sells such informational books without having to spend anything on them and instead makes a lot of money out of it. He has been into this since 1996.


Neil Shearing has been into active Internet marketing for well over a decade now. He has a thorough knowledge of the marketing world and knows all the ins and outs of it. He offers a lot of free content on his website and almost all his products and services are very useful. He explains everything in a very simple language with a very practical tone. You really enjoy his writings and become a part of it. 


Internet Success Blueprint is a write up about similar minded people who use the Internet to earn money through online sources. The price of Internet Success Blueprint is $27 and has many unique features, which brands it an original product. Although Neil did a lot of reading into other similar e-books before writing his own book, the success of the Internet Success Blueprint speaks for itself.


Another beneficial program of Neil Shearing’s has been to launch an associate program, which help others gain by selling his e-book to others. This program has been a great success and Neil Shearing was among the panelists of “merchant experts” at Internet.com Affiliate Solutions 2001 Seminar in London. Internet Success Diamonds is about the top three secrets of success from the top ten Internet marketers.


Internet Success Spider is a very successful software program to locate Super Affiliates for any chosen site. This connects you to different professionals in their own fields. It also suggests different methods of how you can get Super Affiliates to work for you. This software increases your sales incredibly. Yahoo Exposed is another of Neil’s success stories. It exposes how Neil Shearing in fourteen days progressed from nothing to a successful website with the top ranking on Yahoo. Reprint rights are for just $49, which you can use to sell Yahoo Exposed and keep all the profits.

Very recent progress of Neil Shearing’s highlights the launching of his very own website, which is a virtual storehouse of high-quality marketing information. Experts on the website eagerly wait to answer your queries and solve your problems. Overall, Neil Shearing has made the Internet a very useful tool for all spheres of life in the twenty-first century.

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Neil Shearing And His Internet Success Blueprint: John Talipsky from Lawrenceville, GA, USA 5 Stars. 5 of 10

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