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Customer Review for Bob Proctor:

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February 3, 2008
Anonymous from USA.
Review Title::
The Cost of What Bob Proctor Charges Does Not Equal Its Value.
2 Stars (or Acceptable).
I am in agreement with some of the points made in Anonymous' critique. I don't have experience with Bob Proctor's wife or any of her products, but I too have purchased a few of Mr. Proctor's programs. I must admit that, while elated with the content and message, I found them to be quite overpriced, but this wasn't until after the fact.

As Anonymous mentioned, you can go to any major bookstore and buy the "Science of Getting Rich" for $15. Proctor adds a transcript in a leather case, includes an audio MP3 with endorsements by Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. You could think of it this way: The content costs $15 retail at Barnes and Noble. The packaging, audio narration and endorsements are priced at $1982.

I must say, I got value from the SGR program. It was the first time I had read the material and I probably would not have come across it had it not been for "The Secret." I am disappointed in myself for being such a . . . Sucker . . . but I am no worse for the wear and tear, in fact, I'm much better.

I have to give it to the man who can repackage and sell a product at 133 times the retail price of the original. It is worth a 'hmmmm.' It's not illegal to charge too much, so buyer beware.

After talking with a friend about my experience, my friend said it sounded to him like Proctor and company were "confidence men." I had never heard the term. Interesting research. It would be too bad if it proves to be true.

Another friend told me that I had to pay the price I paid in order to assign 'value' to its content. Perhaps she was right. Trust me, when you pay thousands of dollars for something, you listen to every word very closely. Value comes in many ways. I met a person at one of Proctor's seminars. For me meeting that person alone, who had nothing to do with Proctor, made it worth the price.

Either way, please be mindful of your wallet with Proctor. From my experience, there is no information he sells that is not in public domain and subsequent new seminars appear to be a repackaging of previous seminars. If you can afford it, go through the lessons with Proctor and company and formulate your own opinions from personal experience. You'll get value but it'll just cost a lot more

If you took everything, it would run you about $40,000 + travel expenses. If you can NOT afford those prices, I suggest you attend a FREE "Think and Grow Rich" mastermind group in your area. Buy the 'Science of Getting Rich' for $15 at the store. If you apply the wisdom, for which Proctor can take and takes no credit, it will change your life. If you need more hands-on, sign up with a local Life Success Consultant who charges much less than Proctor for personal coaching and can give you more personal attention.

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