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Customer Review for Dr. Jeffrey Lant:

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July 3, 2005
Ron from California.
Review Title::
Dr. Jeffrey Lant's PHD Is Doctorate Of Philosophy In Ego.
1 Star (or Unacceptable).
I paid $600 in 2003 to buy a "website design business" from Dr. Lant's WorldProfit.com. Their business is one of the few 100% legitimate opportunities on the internet. If only Dr. Lant knew anything about running a business.

Dr. Lant has a massive ego. He tells you at every opportunity that he has a PhD in marketing. This makes him a marketing expert. He knows more than you do!

I was paying $50/month for 12 months to purchase this business. I was disorganized in the first month and did nothing with the business. Dr. Lant emailed me to ask if I was still planning on working the business. I emailed him that I would, but that I was going out of town soon for a week and would pick it up when I got back.

Due to a miscalculation on my part, my credit card hit its credit limit right before I went on vacation. I mailed my payment to the credit card company the day before I left. Unfortunately, the first day of my vacation was the day that WorldProfit decided to run their monthly charge. Needless to say, the charge was refused by the credit card company.

I got back from vacation just 7 days later. I checked my email and was distressed to see a series of increasingly-hostile messages from Dr. Lant and his crew.

On the day of the refused payment were two messages. The first was a notice from the office that the credit card had been declined. The second was a rude email from Dr. Lant himself, requesting payment.

Two emails followed on day 2. The first said that the second attempt to charge had failed. It also said that they would suspend my account if the third attempt fails. The second email was another rude demand for payment, written by Dr. Lant himself.

Three emails arrived on day 3. The first was from the office, telling me that the third attempt to charge had failed. This message was followed a few minutes later by a (non-rude!) email from Dr. Lant. The third email (written by somebody in the office) really ticked me off. They implied I was a deadbeat, they said they were calling the collection agency, and they were going to sue me.

On day 4, Dr. Lant rested. On day 5, Dr. Lant sent me another dunning email, threatening a collection agency and the courts.

On day 6, Dr. Lant sent me an almost-rude email asking what I was going to do about the payment. He also INCLUDED THE TEXT OF MY EMAIL THAT SAID I WAS GOING OUT OF TOWN! Therefore, he KNEW I wasn't home! Yet he was flooding my email box with demands for payment!

On day 7, I received the following email:

"We have been attempting to get a response from you for some time now. We have urged you to pay what you owe. We have even asked whether you are having financial difficulties and need extra time to pay your bill." [No, they never asked that or gave the option of extra time.] "However, for whatever reason, you have failed to respond to our friendly attempts to solve this matter." [FRIENDLY?!] "...Failure to respond at once will result in your account being transferred to our Collection Agency.... Failure to pay them will result in IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION against you for the FULL balance of payments and all applicable expenses and costs."

This happened to be the day that I returned from my ONE WEEK vacation. I was quite distressed at the rapid escalation and threatening tone of the emails. I immediately checked with the credit card company, then emailed WorldProfit this exact same day with the news that the card was now clear and they could charge it.

I was not at all happy about this experience (Remember that Dr. Lant never misses an opportunity to tell you what a business and marketing expert he is. He has a PhD!), so I sent them a scathing email.

About 15 minutes later, Dr. Lant called me on the telephone. He was upset about my email (But somehow I was out of line for being offended by HIS emails!). He especially did not like a crack I made about a diploma mill (which, BTW, is not true; he earned his degree at an accredited university). I told him it was unfathomable to me that he could have gone through that many years of business school and not learn anything about customer service. He told me that I didn't know anything about business, and that if I had a PhD like he did, blah, blah, blah....

I told him that I was especially upset about the rapidity with which they went from billing me to getting ready to sue me. He told me that this business runs on "internet time". I told him that business was about the relationships you build with your customers, and THAT runs on "people time". He apparently didn't like me telling him how business works, so he reminded me that he had a PhD, so he knows more about business than I do, blah, blah, blah....

So I hung up.

He immediately called me back and started to lecture me about rudeness and how that is no way to behave in business (does this guy listen to himself?), and that if I had a PhD like he did, blah, blah, blah....

So I hung up again.

He immediately called back AGAIN! I let my answering machine pick it up. He started to lecture me on the answering machine, so I picked up the phone and immediately hung it up again.

Anyway, they ran the $50 charge for the overdue payment that day. A couple of days later, I canceled my contract. There was a $200 buy-out clause, which was cheaper than paying the remaining $500.

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